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XEmacs Packages HTML Manuals

These manuals are generated from , including texinfo source files, by use of a bugfix version of texi2html at xemacsweb/Texi2html. Almost all applicable changes have been merged back to its new home at Texi2HTML - Open Source Texinfo to HTML Conversion Script.

XEmacs Packages

* AUCTeX: (auctex). A much enhanced TeX/LaTeX mode for Emacs.
* BBDB: (bbdb). The Insidious Big Brother Database.
* Build: (build). Build XEmacs from within (UNIX, Windows).
* Calc: (calc). Scientific, financial, and symbolic calculator for Emacs
* CC Mode: (cc-mode). Emacs mode for editing C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Pike, AWK, and CORBA IDL code.
* Clearcase: (clearcase). New Clearcase Version Control for XEmacs (UNIX, Windows).
* ECB: (ecb). Emacs Code Browser
* Ediff: (ediff). A visual interface for comparing and merging programs.
* Edit Utilities: (edit-utils). Editing Utilities for XEmacs.
* EFS:: Transparent remote file access via FTP.
* eieio: (eieio). Objects for Emacs
* Elib: (elib). The Emacs Lisp Library.
* Emacs MIME: (emacs-mime). Emacs MIME de/composition library.
* Emacs/W3: (w3). Emacs/W3 World Wide Web browser.
* Emacs/W3 FAQ: (w3-faq). FAQ for Emacs/W3 World Wide Web browser.
* ERC: (erc). Full-featured IRC client for Emacs.
* Eshell: (eshell). A command shell implemented in Emacs Lisp.
* ESS: (ess). Emacs Speaks Statistics (S/S+/R, SAS, BUGS, Stata, XLisp-Stat).
* EUDC: (eudc). A client for directory servers (LDAP, PH)
* fontconfig:: Managing font metainformation.
* Forms:: Mode for working with simple textual data bases in a forms-oriented manner
* Gnus: (gnus). The newsreader Gnus.
* Hm--Html-Mode:: mode for writing HTML pages
* Hyperbole: (hyperbole). Everyday net-centric information management system.
* IDLWAVE: (idlwave). Major mode and shell for IDL files.
* ILisp: (ilisp). Inferior Lisp mode.
* Ispell:: Interactive spelling corrector.
* Keeping Track: (gnats). GNU Problem Report Management System
* latin-euro-standards:: Recent ISO 8859 encodings in XEmacs.
* latin-unity:: Remap Latin characters from a single charset.
* Liece: (liece). The Emacs IRC Client.
* Lookup: (lookup). Lookup, a Search Interface.
* Lookup Guide: (lookup-guide). The Lookup User's Guide.
* Mailcrypt: (mailcrypt). An Emacs/PGP interface.
* Message: (message). Mail and news composition mode that goes with Gnus.
* Mew: (mew.info). Messaging in the Emacs World.
* Mew-J: (mew.jis.info). Messaging in the Emacs World (日本語版).
* MH-E: (mh-e). Emacs interface to the MH mail system.
* MMM-Mode: (mmm). Multiple Major Modes for Emacs
* Mule-UCS:: Lisp-based Unicode support for Emacsen.
* OO-Browser: (oo-browser). The Multi-language Object-Oriented Code Browser.
* OS Utilities: (os-utils). Operating System Utilities for XEmacs.
* Patcher: (patcher). Automatic archive-based projects maintenance.
* Pcl-cvs: (pcl-cvs). Emacs front-end to CVS
* PGG: (pgg). Emacs interface to various PGP implementations.
* Programming Modes: (prog-modes). Programming Modes for XEmacs.
* PSGML: (psgml). PSGML, a major mode for SGML documents.
* PSGML-API: (psgml-api). PSGML, the API documentation.
* re-builder:: Write regular expressions with visual feedback.
* RefTeX: (reftex). Emacs support for LaTeX cross-references and citations.
* Riece-en: (riece-en). An IRC client for Emacsen
* Riece-ja: (riece-ja). An IRC client for Emacsen
* Rmail:: Emacs subsystem for reading and disposing of mail
* SASL: (sasl). The Emacs SASL library.
* semantic: (semantic). Semantic Parsing for Emacs
* send-pr: (send-pr). Reporting problems--using send-pr
* Sieve: (sieve). Managing Sieve scripts in Emacs.
* sml: (sml-mode). Emacs mode for editing SML
* SMTP: (smtpmail). Emacs library for sending mail via SMTP.
* Speedbar: (speedbar). File/Tag summarizing utility.
* Supercite:: Fancy citations and attributions for replies for mail and news reading systems.
* Tempo:: [No description available]
* TRAMP: (tramp). Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocol XEmacs remote file access via rsh and rcp.
* TRAMP-ja: (tramp_ja). Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocol Emacs remote file access via rsh and rcp (Japanese).
* VHDL Mode: (vhdl-mode). VHDL Mode Version 3 Documentation.
* VIPER: (viper). The newest Emacs VI-emulation mode. (also, A VI Plan for Emacs Rescue or the VI PERil.)
* VM:: A mail reader.
* X-Symbol:: Semi WYSIWYG for LaTeX, HTML and other "token languages"
* XSLT-process:: Apply XSLT processor on an Emacs buffer.
* XWEM: (xwem). XEMacs Window Manager.
* ZenIRC: (zenirc). Internet Relay Chat in the Emacs World.

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