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1. Introduction  What is ERC?
2. Obtaining ERC  How to get ERC releases and development versions.
3. Installation  Compiling and installing ERC.
4. Getting Started  Quick Start guide to using ERC.
5. Keys Used in ERC  Keystrokes used in ERC buffers.
6. Modules  Available modules for ERC.
7. Advanced Usage  Cool ways of using ERC.
8. Getting Help and Reporting Bugs  
9. History  The history of ERC.
A. COPYING  The GNU General Public License gives you permission to redistribute ERC on certain terms; it also explains that there is no warranty.
B. GNU Free Documentation License  The license for this documentation.
Index  Search for terms.
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Obtaining ERC
2.1 Releases  Released versions of ERC.
2.2 Development  Latest unreleased development changes.

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