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Emacs Sieve Manual

This manual documents the Emacs Sieve package.

It is intended as a users manual for Sieve Mode and Manage Sieve, and as a reference manual for the `sieve-manage' protocol Emacs Lisp API.

Sieve is a language for server-side filtering of mail. The language is documented in RFC 3028. This manual does not attempt to document the language, so keep RFC 3028 around.

A good online Sieve resources is http://www.cyrusoft.com/sieve/.

1. Installation  Getting ready to use the package.
2. Sieve Mode  Editing Sieve scripts.
3. Managing Sieve  Managing Sieve scripts on a remote server.
4. Examples  A few Sieve code snippets.
5. Manage Sieve API  Interfacing to the Manage Sieve Protocol API.
6. Standards  A summary of RFCs and working documents used.
7. Index  Function and variable index.

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