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VM User's Manual

This manual documents the VM mail reader, a Lisp program which runs as a subsystem under Emacs. The manual is divided into the following chapters.

Introduction  Overview of the VM interface.
1. Starting Up  What happens when you start VM.
2. Selecting Messages  How to select messages for reading.
3. Reading Messages  Previewing and paging through a message.
5. Sending Messages  How to send messages from within VM.
6. Saving Messages  How to save messages.
7. Deleting Messages  How to delete, undelete and expunge messages.
8. Editing Messages  How to alter the text and headers of a message.
9. Message Marks  Running VM commands on arbitrary sets of messages.
10. Message Attributes  How to change and undo changes to message attributes.
11. Sorting Messages  How to make VM present similar messages together.
12. Reading Digests  How to read digests under VM.
13. Summaries  How to view and customize the summary of a folder.
14. Virtual Folders  Blurring the boundaries of different physical folders.
15. Frames and Windows  How to customize VM's use of windows and frames.
16. Toolbar  How to configure VM's toolbar.
17. Menus  How to configure VM's menus.
18. Faces  How to configure VM's use of faces.
19. Using the Mouse  Understanding the VM mouse interface.
20. Hooks  How you can make VM run your code at certain times.
GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE  Copying and distribution terms for VM.
Key Index  Menus of command keys and their references.
Command Index  Menus of commands and their references.
Variable Index  Menus of variables and their references.

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