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ESS -- Emacs Speaks Statistics

ESS version 5.2.7

by  A.J. Rossini,
    R.M. Heiberger,
    K. Hornik,
    M. Maechler,
    R.A. Sparapani
and S.J. Eglen.

Emacs Speaks Statistics (ESS) provides an intelligent, consistent interface between the user and the software. ESS interfaces with SAS, S-PLUS, R, BUGS and other statistical analysis packages under the Unix, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac operating systems. ESS is itself a package within the emacs text editor and uses emacs features to streamline the creation and use of statistical software. ESS knows the syntax and grammar of statistical analysis packages and provides consistent display and editing features based on that knowledge. ESS assists in interactive and batch execution of statements written in these statistical analysis languages.

1. Introduction to ESS  Overview of features provided by this package
2. Installing ESS on your system  
3. Interacting with statistical programs  
4. Interacting with the ESS process  
5. Manipulating saved transcript files  
6. ESS for the S family  
7. Editing S functions  How to create/edit objects and functions
8. Editing R documentation files  
9. Reading help files  
10. ESS for SAS  
11. ESS for BUGS  
12. Other features of ESS  
13. Bugs and Bug Reporting, Mailing Lists  How to get assistance with ESS
A. Customizing ESS  
Key (Character) Index  
Concept Index  
Variable and command index  

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