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Semantic Bovinator: Parser generation for Emacs

Semantic is a program for Emacs which includes, at its core, a lexer, and a compiler compiler (bovinator). Additional tools include a bnf->semantic table converter, example tables, and a speedbar tool.

The core utility is the "semantic bovinator" which has similar behaviors as yacc or bison. Since it is not designed to be as feature rich as these tools, it uses the term "bovine" for cow, a lesser cousin of the yak and bison.

To send bug reports, or participate in discussions about semantic, use the mailing list cedet-semantic@sourceforge.net via the URL: http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/cedet-semantic

1. Installation  Installing semantic.
2. Overview  Introduce basic concepts.
3. Semantic Components  Enumerate all semantic modules.
4. Preparing your language for Lexing  Setting up the lexer for your language.
5. Preparing a bovine table for your language  Setting up the parser for your language.
6. Using the BNF converter to make bovine tables  Using the BNF converter to make tables.
7. Compiling a language file with the bovinator  Running the bovinator on a source file.
8. Debugging  Debugging bovine tables
9. Programming  How to program with a nonterminal stream.
10. Deriving the Current Context  How to get the current code context.
11. Tools  User Tools which use semantic.
12. Index  

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