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General Index: J – M

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Index Entry Section

j (dotless j)14.4 Inserting Accents
JPEG image format12.2.1 Image Syntax
jpeg image format12.2.1 Image Syntax

Keyboard input9.1.3 @kbd{keyboard-characters}
Keys, recommended names9.1.4 @key{key-name}
Keyword expansion, preventing15.5 @w{text}: Prevent Line Breaks
Keywords, indicating9.1.2 @code{sample-code}
Knuth, Donald1.5 Printed Books
ky (keystroke) index13.2 Predefined Indices

Ł14.4 Inserting Accents
ł14.4 Inserting Accents
LANG21.1.3 Options for makeinfo
Language codes18.1 @documentlanguage ll[_cc]: Set the Document Language
Language, declaring18.1 @documentlanguage ll[_cc]: Set the Document Language
Larger or smaller pages20.14 Cropmarks and Magnification
LaTeX logo14.7.1 @TeX{} (TeX) and @LaTeX{} (LaTeX)
LaTeX, processing with texi2dvi20.3 Format with texi2dvi
Latin 114.5 Inserting Quotation Marks
Latin 914.5 Inserting Quotation Marks
Latin 914.8 @euro{} (€): Euro Currency Symbol
Left quotation marks14.5 Inserting Quotation Marks
Left-pointing angle quotation marks14.5 Inserting Quotation Marks
Legal paper, printing on20.13 @pagesizes [width][, height]: Custom Page Sizes
Length of file names3.2.3 @setfilename: Set the output file name
Less cluttered menu entry7.4 Less Cluttered Menu Entry
License agreement3.8 Software Copying Permissions
License for all-permissive copyingC.4 All-permissive Copying License
License for verbatim copyingC.3 Verbatim Copying License
Line breaks15. Forcing and Preventing Breaks
Line breaks15.2 @* and @/: Generate and Allow Line Breaks
Line breaks, preventing15.5 @w{text}: Prevent Line Breaks
Line length, column widths as fraction of11.5.1 Multitable Column Widths
Line spacing15.7 @sp n: Insert Blank Lines
Lisp example10.6 @lisp: Marking a Lisp Example
Lisp examples in smaller fonts10.7 @small… Block Commands
List of @-commandsA. @-Command List
List of floats12.1.3 @listoffloats: Tables of Contents for Floats
Listing a new Info file21.2.2 Listing a New Info File
Lists and tables, making11. Lists and Tables
Local variables20.7 Using the Local Variables List
Local Variables: section, for encoding18.2 @documentencoding enc: Set Input Encoding
Locale, declaring18.1 @documentlanguage ll[_cc]: Set the Document Language
Location of menus7.1 Menu Location
Logos, TeX14.7.1 @TeX{} (TeX) and @LaTeX{} (LaTeX)
Looking for badly referenced nodesF.6 Finding Badly Referenced Nodes
Lowering and raising sections5.12 @raisesections and @lowersections
lpr (DVI print command)20.4 Shell Print Using lpr -d
lpr-d, replacements on MS-DOS/MS-Windows20.4 Shell Print Using lpr -d
Lynx1.3 Output Formats
LZMA-compressed dir files, reading21.2.5 Invoking install-info

Macro definitions16.7 A Sample Function Definition
Macro definitions19.1 Defining Macros
Macro details19.3 Macro Details and Caveats
Macro expansion, indicating14.15.3 @expansion{} (→): Indicating an Expansion
Macro invocation19.2 Invoking Macros
Macro names, valid characters in19.1 Defining Macros
Macron accent14.4 Inserting Accents
Macros19. Defining New Texinfo Commands
Macros in definition commands16.1 The Template for a Definition
Macros, undefining19.1 Defining Macros
Magnified printing20.14 Cropmarks and Magnification
Mailto link9.1.16 @email{email-address[, displayed-text]}
makeinfo21.1.2 Running makeinfo from a Shell
makeinfo inside XEmacs21.1.5 Running makeinfo Within XEmacs
makeinfo options21.1.3 Options for makeinfo
Making a printed manual20. Formatting and Printing Hardcopy
Making a tag table automatically21.1.8 Tag Files and Split Files
Making a tag table manuallyF.6.2 Creating an Unsplit File
Making cross references8. Cross References
Making line and page breaks15. Forcing and Preventing Breaks
Making lists and tables11. Lists and Tables
Man page output, not supported1.3 Output Formats
Man page, reference to8.9 @url, @uref{url[, text][, replacement]}
Manual characteristics, printed1.5 Printed Books
Margins on page, not controllable20.13 @pagesizes [width][, height]: Custom Page Sizes
Marking text within a paragraph9. Marking Words and Phrases
Marking words and phrases9. Marking Words and Phrases
Masculine ordinal14.4 Inserting Accents
Master menu3.6.2 Parts of a Master Menu
Mathematical expressions14.13 @math: Inserting Mathematical Expressions
Mathematical expressions17.3 Raw Formatter Commands
Menu description, start2.3 Inserting Frequently Used Commands
Menu entries with two colons7.4 Less Cluttered Menu Entry
Menu example7.5 A Menu Example
Menu location7.1 Menu Location
Menu parts7.3 The Parts of a Menu
Menu writing7.2 Writing a Menu
Menu, master3.6.2 Parts of a Master Menu
Menus7. Menus
Menus generated with indices4.1 Printing Indices and Menus
Menus, omitting21.1.3 Options for makeinfo
META key9.1.4 @key{key-name}
Meta-syntactic chars for arguments16.3 Optional and Repeated Arguments
Methods, object-oriented16.5.6.2 Object-Oriented Methods
Millimeters12.2.2 Image Scaling
Minimal requirements for formatting20.8 TeX Formatting Requirements Summary
Minimal Texinfo file (requirements)1.9 What a Texinfo File Must Have
Minus sign14.11 @minus{} (-): Inserting a Minus Sign
Mismatched HTML cross-reference source and target22.4.5 HTML Cross-reference Mismatch
Mistakes, catchingF. Formatting Mistakes
Mode, using Texinfo2. Using Texinfo Mode
Monospace font9.2.3 Fonts for Printing, Not Info
Mozilla1.3 Output Formats
Multiple dashes in source1.7 General Syntactic Conventions
Multiple spaces14.3.3 Multiple Spaces
Multitable column widths11.5.1 Multitable Column Widths
Multitable rows11.5.2 Multitable Rows
Must have in Texinfo file1.9 What a Texinfo File Must Have
Mutually recursive macros19.1 Defining Macros

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