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Command and Variable Index

This is an alphabetical list of all the @-commands, assorted XEmacs Lisp functions, and several variables. To make the list easier to use, the commands are listed without their preceding ‘@’.

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Index Entry Section

! (end of sentence)14.3.2 Ending a Sentence

" (umlaut accent)14.4 Inserting Accents

' (umlaut accent)14.4 Inserting Accents

* (force line break)15.2 @* and @/: Generate and Allow Line Breaks

, (cedilla accent)14.4 Inserting Accents

- (discretionary hyphen)15.3 @- and @hyphenation: Helping TeX Hyphenate
- (in image alt string)12.2.1 Image Syntax

. (end of sentence)14.3.2 Ending a Sentence

/ (allow line break)15.2 @* and @/: Generate and Allow Line Breaks

<colon> (suppress end-of-sentence space)14.3.1 Not Ending a Sentence
<newline>14.3.3 Multiple Spaces
<space>14.3.3 Multiple Spaces
<tab>14.3.3 Multiple Spaces

= (macron accent)14.4 Inserting Accents

? (end of sentence)14.3.2 Ending a Sentence

@ (literal ‘@’)14.1.1 Inserting ‘@’ with @@

\ (literal \ in @math)14.13 @math: Inserting Mathematical Expressions
\emergencystretch20.10 Overfull “hboxes”
\gdef within @tex17.3 Raw Formatter Commands
\input (raw TeX startup)1.9 What a Texinfo File Must Have
\mag (raw TeX magnification)20.14 Cropmarks and Magnification

^ (circumflex accent)14.4 Inserting Accents

` (grave accent)14.4 Inserting Accents

{ (literal ‘{’)14.1.2 Inserting ‘{’ and ‘}’ with @{ and @}

} (literal ‘}’)14.1.2 Inserting ‘{’ and ‘}’ with @{ and @}

~ (tilde accent)14.4 Inserting Accents

aa14.4 Inserting Accents
AA14.4 Inserting Accents
abbr9.1.13 @abbr{abbreviation[, meaning]}
acronym9.1.14 @acronym{acronym[, meaning]}
ae14.4 Inserting Accents
AE14.4 Inserting Accents
afourlatex20.12 Printing on A4 Paper
afourpaper20.12 Printing on A4 Paper
afourwide20.12 Printing on A4 Paper
alias19.4 ‘@alias new=existing
allowcodebreaks15.4 @allowcodebreaks: Control Line Breaks in @code
anchor6.5 @anchor: Defining Arbitrary Cross-reference Targets
appendix5.5 @unnumbered and @appendix
appendixsec5.8 @unnumberedsec, @appendixsec, @heading
appendixsection5.8 @unnumberedsec, @appendixsec, @heading
appendixsubsec5.10 The @subsection-like Commands
appendixsubsubsec5.11 The ‘subsub’ Commands
apply16.7 A Sample Function Definition
arrow14.14 Click Sequences
asis11.4.1 Using the @table Command
author3.4.3 @title, @subtitle, and @author

b (bold font)9.2.3 Fonts for Printing, Not Info
bullet14.6.2 @bullet{} (•)
bye4. Ending a Texinfo File
bye4.2 @bye File Ending

c (comment)1.8 Comments
caption12.1.2 @caption & @shortcaption
cartouche10.14 @cartouche: Rounded Rectangles Around Examples
center3.4.2 @titlefont, @center, and @sp
centerchap5.4 @chapter
chapheading5.6 @majorheading, @chapheading
chapter5.4 @chapter
cite8.10 @cite{reference}
clear17.4.1 @set and @value
click14.14 Click Sequences
clicksequence14.14 Click Sequences
clickstyle14.14 Click Sequences
code9.1.2 @code{sample-code}
columnfractions11.5.1 Multitable Column Widths
comma14.1.3 Inserting ‘,’ with @comma{}
command9.1.10 @command{command-name}
comment1.8 Comments
contents3.5 Generating a Table of Contents
copying3.3.1 @copying: Declare Copying Permissions
copyright3.3.1 @copying: Declare Copying Permissions
copyright14.7.2 @copyright{} (©)
cropmarks20.14 Cropmarks and Magnification

defcodeindex13.5 Defining New Indices
defcv16.5.6.1 Object-Oriented Variables
deffn16.5.1 Functions and Similar Entities
deffnx16.4 Two or More ‘First’ Lines
defindex13.5 Defining New Indices
definfoenclose19.5 ‘definfoenclose’: Customized Highlighting
defivar16.5.6.1 Object-Oriented Variables
defmac16.5.1 Functions and Similar Entities
defmethod16.5.6.2 Object-Oriented Methods
defmethod16.5.6.2 Object-Oriented Methods
defop16.5.6.2 Object-Oriented Methods
defopt16.5.2 Variables and Similar Entities
defspec16.5.1 Functions and Similar Entities
deftp16.5.5 Data Types
deftypecv16.5.6.1 Object-Oriented Variables
deftypefn16.5.3 Functions in Typed Languages
deftypefun16.5.3 Functions in Typed Languages
deftypeivar16.5.6.1 Object-Oriented Variables
deftypeop16.5.6.2 Object-Oriented Methods
deftypevar16.5.4 Variables in Typed Languages
deftypevr16.5.4 Variables in Typed Languages
defun16.5.1 Functions and Similar Entities
defvar16.5.2 Variables and Similar Entities
defvr16.5.2 Variables and Similar Entities
detailmenu3.6.2 Parts of a Master Menu
detailmenu6.4 Creating Pointers with makeinfo
dfn9.1.12 @dfn{term}
dircategory21.2.4 Installing Info Directory Files
direntry21.2.4 Installing Info Directory Files
display10.8 @display and @smalldisplay
dmn14.3.5 @dmn{dimension}: Format a Dimension
docbook17.3 Raw Formatter Commands
documentdescription3.7.1 @documentdescription: Summary Text
documentencoding14.4 Inserting Accents
documentencoding14.5 Inserting Quotation Marks
documentencoding18.2 @documentencoding enc: Set Input Encoding
documentlanguage18.1 @documentlanguage ll[_cc]: Set the Document Language
dotaccent14.4 Inserting Accents
dotless14.4 Inserting Accents
dots14.6.1 @dots{} (…) and @enddots{} (...)

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