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XEmacs 21.2.35 Release

Summary of Changes to 21.2.35 "Nike"

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  • You now again build XEmacs in a directory containing a predefined CPP symbol -- Martin Buchholz
  • Minor fixes for Postgres integration -- Martin Buchholz
  • Many fixes for DEC OSF 4.0 -- Martin Buchholz
  • More C++ compilation support (for quality control) -- Martin Buchholz
  • XEmacs can now be built with XFree86 4.0 -- Martin Buchholz
  • Fix lots of byte-compiler warnings -- Martin Buchholz
  • Many documentation fixes -- Adrian Aichner
  • support for S390 has been added -- Andreas Jaeger, Martin Schwidefsky
  • clean up Windows includes/defines -- Ben Wing
  • numerous configure/GCC-warning fixes -- Martin Buchholz
  • generalize selection support to arbitrary types -- Alastair Houghton
  • MS Windows printer improvements -- Kirill Katsnelson
  • MinGW fixes -- Craig Lanning
  • NT process fixes -- Mixe Alexander, Adrian Aichner
  • new key-value weak hashtable type -- Andy Piper/Olivier Galibert
  • migrate .emacs to .xemacs/init.el -- Mike Sperber
  • new file compat.el for cleaner compatibility functions -- Ben Wing

ChangeLogs for Release 21.2.35 "Nike" of XEmacs

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2000-07-12  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* gnuserv.c:
	Use socklen_t instead of int or size_t.

2000-07-11  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* hexl.c (usage): Use full ANSI C prototypes.

2000-07-05  Craig Lanning  <lanning@scra.org>

	* Makefile.in.in (INSTALL_DATA):
	* Makefile.in.in (UTILITIES):
	* Makefile.in.in (GETOPTDEPS):
	* Makefile.in.in (i):
	mingw support: don't try to build gnuclient, add
        support for building and installing minitar

2000-06-10  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile.in.in (INSTALLABLES_BASE):
	* Makefile.in.in (ootags_args):
	* Makefile.in.in (yow):
	Build i.exe.
	Don't build run*.exe.
	* b2m.c:
	* b2m.c (main):
	* ellcc.c (main):
	* etags.c:
	* etags.c (main):
	* etags.c (get_compressor_from_suffix):
	* etags.c (process_file):
	* etags.c (readline_internal):
	* etags.c (etags_getcwd):
	* etags.c (relative_filename):
	* etags.c (absolute_filename):
	* etags.c (filename_is_absolute):
	* etags.c (canonicalize_filename):
	* fakemail.c:
	* fakemail.c (make_file_preface):
	* getopt.c:
	* getopt.h:
	* gnuclient.c:
	* gnuclient.c (filename_expand):
	* gnuserv.h:
	* gnuserv.h (PATCHLEVEL):
	* hexl.c:
	* hexl.c (main):
	* make-docfile.c:
	* make-docfile.c (APPEND_BINARY):
	* make-docfile.c (main):
	* make-dump-id.c:
	* mmencode.c:
	* mmencode.c (fromqp):
	* mmencode.c (main):
	* movemail.c:
	* movemail.c (main):
	* movemail.c (popmail):
	* ootags.c:
	* ootags.c (main):
	* ootags.c (readline_internal):
	* ootags.c (etags_getcwd):
	* ootags.c (absolute_filename):
	* ootags.c (filename_is_absolute):
	* ootags.c (canonicalize_filename):
	* pop.c:
	* pop.c (pop_open):
	* pop.c (socket_connection):
	* pop.c (pop_trash):
	* profile.c (gettimeofday):
	* wakeup.c:
	* yow.c (rootrelativepath):
	Remove MSDOS support, converting to WIN32_NATIVE where necessary.
	__CYGWIN32__ -> CYGWIN.
	Remove unused NO_SHORTNAMES.
	Changes for removed nt\inc.

2000-06-07  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* run.c, run.h, run.rc: Removed.  We no longer need these for
	building runxemacs.exe, and it's questionable at best whether
	rungnuclient.exe was ever used or is even needed.  The correct
	solution is just to make gnuclient.exe a windows program and
	use the gnuattach script to run 'i gnuclient.exe'.  Not that
	gnuclient currently works under Windows native in any case.


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2000-07-18 Alastair J. Houghton <ajhoughton@lineone.net>

	* select.el (selection-coercible-types): Initialise.

2000-07-18 Alastair J. Houghton <ajhoughton@lineone.net>

	* select.el (own-clipboard): Bug fix.

2000-07-17  Mike Sperber  <mike@xemacs.org>

	* cus-edit.el (custom-migrate-custom-file): Save init file before

2000-07-16  Mike Sperber  <mike@xemacs.org>

	* startup.el (load-init-file): Remove silly call to
	(maybe-migrate-user-init-file): Minor fixes.

2000-07-16  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* apropos.el (apropos-documentation-check-doc-file): 
	`doc' variable should be let-bound, as was presumably intended.

	* cus-edit.el (custom-variable-reset-saved): 
	Remove unused variable comment-widget.  Twice.

	* toolbar.el (toolbar-blank-press-function): 
	Add a real defvar with initial value nil and proper docstring.
	(press-toolbar-button): No need to check for boundp-ness anymore.

	* rect.el (open-rectangle-line): Remove useless (let) form.
	Add defvar for pending-delete-mode.

	* info.el (Info-find-node): This function needs an autoload cookie.

	* mule/mule-x-init.el (x-use-halfwidth-roman-font): 
	Use let* since the second form referred to the first.

2000-07-16  Adrian Aichner  <aichner@ecf.teradyne.com>

	* msw-select.el (mswindows-paste-clipboard): Use `get-clipboard'
	instead of removed `mswindows-get-clipboard'.

2000-07-15 Alastair J. Houghton <ajhoughton@lineone.net>

	* select.el (select-convert-from-text): New.
	* select.el (select-convert-from-length): New.
	* select.el (select-convert-from-integer): New.
	* select.el (select-convert-from-identity): New.
	* select.el (select-convert-from-filename): New.
	* select.el (selection-converter-in-alist): Use them.
	New converter functions for X.

	* select.el (get-selection): Removed comment.

	* select.el (own-selection): Removed append code - I thought
	I'd already done this, but apparently not...

	* select.el: Changed comment about TIMESTAMP.

	* select.el (select-convert-in): New.
	* select.el (select-convert-out): New.
	New functions that get used by select.c.

	* select.el (select-buffer-killed-default): New.
	* select.el (select-buffer-killed-text): New.
	* select.el (selection-buffer-killed-alist): New.
	New list and functions that get called if a relevant selection
	exists and a buffer gets killed.

	* select.el (select-convert-to-targets):
	* select.el (select-convert-to-identity): Removed.
	* select.el (select-convert-from-identity): Removed.
	* select.el (select-converter-out-alist):
	Removed _EMACS_INTERNAL selection type.

	* x-select.el (xselect-kill-buffer-hook): Removed.
	* x-select.el (xselect-kill-buffer-hook-1): Removed.
	Removed this X-specific nonesense. Use the generic support
	in select.el instead.

2000-07-15  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* mule/mule-category.el (defined-category-hashtable): 
	Use make-hash-table instead of make-hashtable

	* buff-menu.el: Byte-compiler warning fix.

	* isearch-mode.el (isearch-highlight-all-cleanup): 
	Remove unused variable `isearch-highlight-all-start'.

	* etags.el (add-to-tag-completion-table): Byte-compiler warning fix.

	* itimer.el (itimer-edit-mode): Byte-compiler warning fixes.

	* cus-dep.el (Custom-make-dependencies): 
	Add autoload cookie for custom-add-loads to generated custom-load.el.

	* autoload.el (autoload-package-name): Warning suppression.
	Move defvar prior to first use.

	* custom.el: Add autoload for custom-declare-face.
	Allow `xemacs -no-autoloads -l bytecomp -f batch-byte-compile ...'
	* cl.el (cl-hack-byte-compiler): 
	Allow `xemacs -no-autoloads -l bytecomp -f batch-byte-compile ...'
	to work properly.

2000-07-08  Mike Sperber  <mike@xemacs.org>

	* startup.el (load-home-init-file): Added variable.
	(maybe-migrate-user-init-file): Added.
	(load-user-init-file): Load custom file if different from init

	* dumped-lisp.el (preloaded-file-list): Added "cus-file" before

	* cus-edit.el (custom-migrate-custom-file): Added for migration.
	Moved `custom-file'-related code to cus-file.el.

	* cus-file.el: New file.

2000-04-01  Mike Sperber  <mike@xemacs.org>

	* packages.el (packages-find-package-directories): Added support
	for external package hierarchies with in-place installations.

	* find-paths.el (paths-root-in-place-p): Added.
	(paths-find-emacs-directory): Added support for external
	directories with in-place installations.
	(paths-find-site-directory): Ditto.

	* startup.el (find-user-init-file): Also look for
	~/.xemacs/init.elc? in preference to ~/.emacs.

2000-07-12 Alastair J. Houghton <ajhoughton@lineone.net>

	* select.el (own-selection):
	* select.el (own-clipboard): Changed `append' parameter to
	`how-to-use' parameter.
	* select.el (own-selection): Removed icky append code.
	* select.el (own-selection, get-selection): Removed extra type
	* select.el (selection-appender-alist):
	* select.el (selection-converter-{in|out}-alist): Initialise.
	* select.el (select-append-to-*): New.
	* select.el (select-convert-from-*): New.  New functions to append
	data and convert data from external type.

2000-07-12  Stef Epardaud  <stef@lunatech.com>

	* font-lock.el: Javadoc enhancements.

2000-07-06  Kirill 'Big K' Katsnelson  <kkm@dtmx.com>

	* printer.el (generic-print-region): Compose job name from buffer

2000-07-06  Yoshiki Hayashi  <yoshiki@xemacs.org>

	* font-lock.el (font-lock-fontify-pending-extents): Call
	font-lock-fontify-region instead of font-lock-fontify-buffer
	to avoid unnecessary progress gauges.

2000-07-06  Craig Lanning  <lanning@scra.org>

	* custom-load.el (faces):

        * finder.el (finder-compile-keywords): from Dan Holmsand, make sure
        dir is a regex.

        * process.el (call-process-internal): from Dan Holmsand, use binary
        coding systems so that jka-compr works.

2000-07-07  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* font-lock.el: Undo previous change.  Unfortunately, some
	files actually use the variables directly in their init code
	without quoting them.

2000-07-07  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* font-lock.el (defvar font-lock-*-face): Removed.

	* font-lock.el (font-lock-apply-highlight): Bind these face vars
	only when necessary.

2000-06-30  Charles G Waldman  <cgw@alum.mit.edu>
	* cl-macs.el: fix cl-transform-function-property kludge
	so that it does not require a random feature.

2000-06-09  Karl M. Hegbloom  <karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com>

	* files.el (auto-mode-alist): allow .make extension for Makefiles,
	as in Linux kernel "Rules.make".

2000-06-29  Gunnar Evermann  <ge204@eng.cam.ac.uk>

	* build-report.el (build-report): Add autoload cookie.

2000-06-21  Charles G Waldman  <cgw@alum.mit.edu>

	* package-ui.el (defgroup pui):  Correct a misspelling
	(pui-toggle-package-delete):  Change `seleted' to `selected'
2000-06-12  Jan Vroonhof  <vroonhof@math.ethz.ch>

	* package-get.el (package-get-update-base):	
	(package-get): Use insert-file-contents-literally always.
	Force coding system for writing to binary.

2000-06-08  Mike Alexander  <mta@arbortext.com>

	* code-process.el (call-process-region): If there is no coding
	system for the process on process-coding-system-alist use the
	coding system of the buffer containing the region.

2000-06-10  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* cmdloop.el (command-error):
	If debug-on-error and noninteractive, output backtrace.

	* files.el (file-relative-name):
	Remove MSDOS references.

	* simple.el (line-number): New function, due to non-obvious
	behavior/usage of count-lines.

	* simple.el (count-lines): document non-obvious usage to get
	line number.

2000-06-11  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* faces.el ((featurep 'xpm)):
	* x-faces.el (x-init-face-from-resources):
	* x-faces.el (x-init-frame-faces):
	* x-misc.el (x-init-specifier-from-resources):
	* x-misc.el (x-get-resource-and-bogosity-check):
	* x-misc.el (x-get-resource-and-maybe-bogosity-check):
	* x-mouse.el (x-init-pointer-shape):
	* x-scrollbar.el (x-init-scrollbar-from-resources):
	Add sixth argument to x-get-resource calls so as to issue warnings
	rather than errors on bogus arguments.

2000-06-05  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* compat.el: new file.  provides a clean, non-intrusive way to
	define compatibility functions.

	* process.el (shell-quote-argument): temporary fix for lack
	of nt-quote-process-args.  #### I need to put back the overall
	structure of that mechanism but redo the guts of it using the
	extra intelligence in the C code.

2000-05-28  Adrian Aichner  <aichner@ecf.teradyne.com>

	* package-info.el (pi-md5sum): Calculate MD5 sum just like
	`package-get' does in package-get.el, instead of using external
	"md5sum" program.

	* package-get.el (package-get): Insert package file literally to
	make checksum calculation work.

2000-04-18  Hrvoje Niksic  <hniksic@iskon.hr>

	* code-files.el (convert-mbox-coding-system): Deleted.
	(file-coding-system-alist): Removed reference to


goto changes, summary

2000-07-09  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* xlwcheckbox.c:
	* xlwgauge.h:
	* xlwgaugeP.h:
	* xlwradio.h:
	* xlwradioP.h:
	* xlwgauge.c:
	* config.h.in:
	* xlwradio.c:
	* lwlib-Xaw.c:
	Replace SMART_INCLUDE with a dumber, but more reliable method.

	* xlwmenu.c (parameterize_string): Fix C++ compilation warnings.

2000-06-10  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* lwlib-Xaw.c (xaw_create_label): add sanity check on arg limit.
	(xaw_update_one_value): fix crash due to incorrect arg count.


goto changes, summary

2000-07-10  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile: rm -f ==> $(RM)

2000-07-09  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* lispref/postgresql.texi: 
	- Don't mention ".so" extension.
	- Make installation instructions more generic.
	- Mention M-x describe-installation.

2000-07-08  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* xemacs-faq.texi (Q6.4.1): Update the perennial nonstart under
	Windows problem with binary locs and latest info.

2000-06-17  Adrian Aichner  <aichner@ecf.teradyne.com>

	* lispref/glyphs.texi: Fix trivial typos.
	* lispref/gutter.texi: Ditto.
	* lispref/loading.texi: Ditto.
	* lispref/postgresql.texi: Ditto.

2000-06-14  Adrian Aichner  <aichner@ecf.teradyne.com>

	* internals/internals.texi (Markers and Extents): Fix trivial typo.

2000-06-11  Adrian Aichner  <aichner@ecf.teradyne.com>

	* make-stds.texi: Fix trivial typos.
	* xemacs-faq.texi: Ditto.
	* internals/internals.texi: Ditto.
	* new-users-guide/edit.texi: Ditto.
	* new-users-guide/modes.texi: Ditto.
	* new-users-guide/region.texi: Ditto.

2000-06-10  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* xemacs-faq.texi (Q6.1.2):
	* xemacs-faq.texi (Q6.1.5):
	* xemacs-faq.texi (Q6.1.6):
	Corrections for Cygwin, MinGW.

2000-06-07  Adrian Aichner  <aichner@ecf.teradyne.com>

	* xemacs/basic.texi: Fix trivial typos.
	* xemacs/buffers.texi: Fix trivial typos.
	* xemacs/building.texi: Ditto.
	* xemacs/glossary.texi: Ditto.
	* xemacs/gnu.texi: Ditto.
	* xemacs/help.texi: Ditto.
	* xemacs/keystrokes.texi: Ditto.
	* xemacs/programs.texi: Ditto.
	* xemacs/search.texi: Ditto.
	* xemacs/sending.texi: Ditto.


goto changes, summary

2000-07-14  IKEYAMA Tomonori  <tomonori@suiyokai.org>

	* config.h: Import C++ compilation stuff from src/config.h.

2000-07-05  Craig Lanning  <lanning@scra.org>

        * xemacs.rc: Uppercase the id's so that windres will work.

2000-07-05  Kirill 'Big K' Katsnelson  <kkm@dtmx.com>

	* xemacs.mak (TEMACS_LIBS): Added comdlg32.lib

2000-06-12  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* config.h (ENCAPSULATE_STAT):
	Always encapsulate stat/fstat.  Also suggested by Mike Alexander

2000-06-10  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* config.h:
	* config.h (HAVE_GETPAGESIZE):
	* config.h (HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY):
	corrections to go along with removed nt/inc.
	removed HAVE_FEP.
	* config.inc.samp:
	correct graphics lib paths to agree with binaries provided in
	ftp aux dir.
	* xemacs.mak (DEPEND):
	* xemacs.mak (DEFINES):
	* xemacs.mak (LIB_SRC_DEFINES):
	* xemacs.mak (minitar):
	* xemacs.mak (TEMACS_LFLAGS):
	* xemacs.mak (tags):
	* xemacs.mak (all):
	* xemacs.mak (install):
	Don't build run*.exe.
	comments about required ^^.
	Added setargv.obj to the list of linked entities,
	  causing automatic wildcarding of filenames given on the
	  command line. (As usual, enclose in double quotes to avoid
2000-06-07  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* runemacs.c: Removed.  No longer necessary.

	* Makefile.cygwin: Removed.

	* inc\*: Removed.  At long-fucking-last!


goto changes, summary

2000-07-19  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* select-x.c (x_handle_selection_request): 
	Text selected in xemacs and pasted into xterm failed to appear.
	Spelling fixes and cosmetic changes.

2000-07-18  Kirill 'Big K' Katsnelson  <kkm@dtmx.com>

	* event-msw.c (mswindows_drain_windows_queue): Correctly check for
	XEmacs frame (fix for doubling chars in dialog boxes).

2000-07-17 Alastair J. Houghton <ajhoughton@lineone.net>

	* select.c (select_convert_in, select_convert_out):
	Don't call intern() every time.

	* select.c (Qselect_convert_in, Qselect_convert_out): New.
	* select.c (vars_of_select): Initialise them.

2000-07-18 Alastair J. Houghton <ajhoughton@lineone.net>

	* select.c (selection-coercible-types): New.

	* select.c (own-selection-internal):
	* select.c (get-selection-internal):
	MULE bug fix - these should default to COMPOUND_TEXT and not
	STRING for MULE. I think.

	* select.c (select_convert_out): Use selection-coercible-types
	to find types that we can attempt to perform coercions on.

2000-07-18  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* mule-wnnfns.c:
	* mule-canna.c:
	Add coding: cookie to identify encoding.

	* mule-canna.c (CANNA_mode_keys): make static.
	Use proper prototypes, even for functions of no arguments.
	Remove external prototype for Fding().

	* symsinit.h: Add missing prototype for reinit_vars_of_mule_wnn.

	* select.c (syms_of_select): Add missing DEFSUBR.

2000-07-18 Alastair J. Houghton <ajhoughton@lineone.net>

	* select.c (get_selection_internal, own_selection_internal):
	Make the type default to STRING, rather than placing a nil type
	into Vselection_alist.

2000-07-17 Alastair J. Houghton <ajhoughton@lineone.net>

	* gpmevent.c (tty_selection_exists_p):
	* gpmevent.c (tty_own_selection):
	Updated parameter lists.

2000-07-15 Alastair J. Houghton <ajhoughton@lineone.net>

	* select.h (selection-alist): Removed declaration.

	* select.h (get_local_selection):
	* select.c (get_local_selection):
	Made static.

	* select.h (convert_selection): Removed declaration.
	* select.c (convert_selection): Removed.
	This function belongs in Lisp.

	* select.h (select_convert_in): Declare.
	* select.h (select_convert_out): Declare.
	* select.c (select_convert_in): New.
	* select.c (select_convert_out): New.
	New conversion functions for other files to call.

	* select.h (select_notify_buffer_kill): Declare.
	* select.c (select_notify_buffer_kill): New.
	New functions that get called from kill-buffer.

	* buffer.c (kill-buffer): Call select_notify_buffer_kill, rather than
	X-specific lisp code.

	* select.h: Declare some of the lisp-visible functions for
	external use.

	* select.c (clean_local_selection_data): Removed. This was
	a disgusting function, and previously should have been in
	select-x.c in any case. The functionality is now provided
	in select-convert-from-integer (select.el).

	* select.c (available-selection-types): Fixed stupidity where
	INTEGER and ATOM got added twice. Also add STRING when we see an

	* select.c (get-selection-internal): Removed symbol stripping. No
	longer causes conversion when data comes from the internal cache.

	* select.c (syms_of_select): Added new functions.

	* select-x.c (motif_clipboard_cb): Use select_convert_out. Rewrote
	error checking - previously this called abort!
	* select-x.c (x_own_selection): Changed comment.
	* select-x.c (x_handle_selection_request): Use select_convert_out.
	Don't mess with selection-alist; it's an internal variable of select.c.
	* select-x.c (x_get_foreign_selection): Use select_convert_in.
	* select-x.c (x_handle_selection_clear): Use get-selection-timestamp,
	rather than messing with selection-alist.
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_get_foreign_selection):
	Use TO_INTERNAL_FORMAT rather than hacking.

2000-07-14  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* process-unix.c (unix_open_multicast_group):
	(unix_open_multicast_group): Remove useless casts.

2000-07-13  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* sound.c (Fplay_sound): Fix `unused variable' warning.

	* emacs.c (main): Use correct type for _environ on SCO5.

2000-07-12 Alastair J. Houghton <ajhoughton@lineone.net>

	* console.h (own_selection_method):
	* console.h (selection_exists_p_method):
	* console.h (available_selection_types_method): New.
	* console.h (register_selection_data_type_method): New.
	* console.h (selection_data_type_name): New.
	* console-msw.h (mswindows_destroy_selection): Declare it.  New
	function & alist to track GlobalAlloc()'d handles that need
	releasing when the clipboard data gets replaced or emptied.

	* event-msw.c (mswindows_wnd_proc): Call it.

	* lisp.h, general.c (Qappend): New symbol representing a
	`how-to-add' mode.
	* select.c (own-selection-internal):
	* select.c (selection-exists-p):
	* select.c (available-selection-types): New.
	* select.c (register-selection-data-type): New.
	* select.c (selection-data-type-name): New.  New functions to deal
	with device-specific selection data formats.
	* select.c (selection-converter-out-alist): Renamed.
	* select.c (selection-converter-in-alist): New.
	* select.c (selection-appender-alist): New.  Added new alists.
	* select.c (syms_of_select, vars_of_select): Added new symbols &
	* select.c (get_local_selection): Split.
	* select.c: Removed spurious type checking - selections may now be
	of any type, not just strings.
	* select.c (own-selection-internal):

	* select.h, select.c (convert_selection): New. Created
	convert_selection() function based on get_local_selection().
	* select.h, select.c (QCF_*): New symbols representing mswindows
	clipboard formats.
	* select.h, select.c (Qreplace_all, Qreplace_existing): New
	symbols representing `how-to-add' modes.

	* select-msw.c (x_sym_p): New.
	* select-msw.c (symbol_to_ms_cf): New.
	* select-msw.c (ms_cf_to_symbol): New. New functions to deal with
	symbols & clipboard formats. Can also handle string names.
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_own_selection):
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_selection_exists_p):
	Added `data-type' parameter. Use it.
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_available_selection_types): New.
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_register_selection_data_type): New.
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_selection_data_type_name): New.
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_own_selection):
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_get_foreign_selection):
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_selection_exists_p):	Rewrote.
	* select-msw.c (console_create_select_mswindows): Added new methods.
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_destroy_selection): New.
	* select-msw.c (Vhandle_alist): New list.
	* select-msw.c (mswindows_own_selection):

	* select-x.c (x_own_selection):
	* select-x.c (x_selection_exists_p):
	* select-x.c: Added some comments about maybe using new
	* select-x.c (x_own_selection):

	* specifier.c: Remove definition of Qappend (now in general.c)
	* specifier.c (syms_of_specifier): Remove Qappend.

2000-07-12  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* config.h.in: Add socklen_t.

	* s/decosf4-0.h: No special compiler flags needed or desired.
	In particular, undefine _BSD for DEC OSF 4.0.

2000-07-07  Kirill 'Big K' Katsnelson  <kkm@dtmx.com>

	* redisplay-msw.c (msprinter_frame_output_end): Added.
	(console_type_create_redisplay_mswindows): Referred the above.

	* frame.c (setup_frame_without_minibuffer): Do not create a
	default minibuffer frame on a printer device.

	* frame-msw.c (apply_dc_geometry): Added.
	(msprinter_eject_page): Use it.

	* console-msw.h (struct msprinter_frame): Added pix_left and top,
	and removed residual duplex and orientation properties.

2000-07-11  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* eval.c (function_argcount): Work around a DEC CC compiler bug.

	* unexalpha.c: Remove system prototypes from C sources!

2000-07-09  Adrian Aichner  <aichner@ecf.teradyne.com>

	* eval.c: Remove references to M-x edit-options in DEFUNs for
	`defvar' and `defconst'.

2000-07-09  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* config.h.in: Remove SMART_INCLUDE hackery.
	PostgreSQL hacking:
	* config.h.in: Don't use SMART_INCLUDE.

	* postgresql.h: Include libpq-fe.h here.  Fix typo.
	* inline.c: Simply #include "postgresql.h"
	* postgresql.c:
	- Don't use SMART_INCLUDE
	- Use simply "const".
	- Use standard doc string conventions.
	- Use correct type for result of PQstatus.

2000-07-09  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* glyphs-x.c (x_xface_instantiate): Fix C++ compilation warnings.

	C++ compilation changes.
	* config.h.in (EXTERN_C): Define.
	* config.h.in (not): This is also a C++ keyword.
	* unexalpha.c (DEFAULT_ENTRY_ADDRESS): Enable C++ compilation.
	* cm.c: Use EXTERN_C.
	* redisplay-tty.c: Use EXTERN_C.
	* sysdep.c: Use EXTERN_C.  Remove Gould support.

2000-07-09  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* general.c: Remove duplicate definition for Qfunction.

2000-07-08  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* device-msw.c (msprinter_init_device):
	* device-msw.c (sync_printer_with_devmode):
	* device-msw.c (handle_devmode_changes):
	* device-msw.c (print_dialog_worker):
	* device-msw.c (Fmsprinter_apply_settings):
	* device-msw.c (hash_devmode):
	* device-msw.c (Fmsprinter_settings_despecialize):
	use Qmswindows_tstr, not Qctext.
	* vm-limit.c (check_memory_limits):
	avoid infinite loop printing warning messages.

2000-07-05  Craig Lanning  <lanning@scra.org>

        * Makefile.in.in: Add support for including the Windows resources
        when building with the cygwin and mingw targets.

        * buffer.c: from Dan Holmsand, on Windows $PWD is most likely either
        not set or not correct.
        (directory_is_current_directory): Don't compile for WIN32_NATIVE.
        (init_initial_directory): Don't try to use $PWD on the
        WIN32_NATIVE target.

        * s\cygwin32.h:
	[[Add -mwindows to eliminate console window.]] not required --ben
        (HAVE_NATIVE_SOUND): removed; now handled by configure.
        (MAIL_USE_POP): removed; now handled by configure.

        * s\mingw32.h: [[Add -mwindows to eliminate console window.]] not in
	C_SWITCH_SYSTEM or it will affect lib-src progs. --ben
        (HAVE_NATIVE_SOUND): removed; now handled by configure.
        (MAIL_USE_POP): removed; now handled by configure.
        (ENCAPSULATE_STAT): from Dan Holmsand, added.
        (ENCAPSULATE_FSTAT): from Dan Holmsand, added.
        (DIRECTORY_SEP): from Dan Holmsand, use lisp variable instead of
        constant string.
        (HAVE_TIMEVAL): from Dan Holmsand, added; struct timeval is picked
        up from <winsock.h> via systime.h.
        (HAVE_GETPAGESIZE): from Dan Holmsand, added.
        (getpagesize): from Dan Holmsand, added.
        Added #endif which was left dangling by Ben's mega patch; added
        comment to help prevent this in the future.

        * sysdll.c: added #include <windows.h> for WIN32_NATIVE case.

2000-07-05  Kirill 'Big K' Katsnelson  <kkm@dtmx.com>

	* console-msw.h (struct mswindows_device): Removed unnecessary
	cached device geometry values.
	Added update_tick and an accessor macro.
	(Lisp_Devmode): Added lrecord declaration. 
	(struct msprinter_device): Contain devmode as a Lisp object.
	Added mswindows_get_selected_frame_hwnd();

	* console.h (struct console_methods): Indentation nitpicking.

	* device-msw.c (mswindows_init_device): Do not initialize geometry
	cache. Initialize update tick.
	(mswindows_device_system_metrics): Ask the device for its geometry.
	(Fmsprinter_page_setup_dialog): Added functions.
	(hash_devmode): Added functions
	(syms_of_device_mswindows): Init devmode lrecord class.

	* device.h: Added an exfun for find-device.

	* event-msw.c (mswindows_wnd_proc): Do not update the cached
	geometry; although, recreate the device compatible DC.

	* frame-msw.c (mswindows_get_selected_frame_hwnd): Added.
	(msprinter_set_frame_properties): Removed 'orientation and 'duplex
	print job properties (will move to device settings).

	* lisp.h: Added symbols.

	* general.c (syms_of_general): Declared them.

	* hash.c (string_hash): Added.

	* lrecord.h (lrecord_type): Added devmode lrecord type.

2000-07-02  Mike Sperber <mike@xemacs.org>

	* s/freebsd.h (INTERRUPTIBLE_OPEN): open *is* interruptible on
	FreeBSD 4.0.

2000-06-07  MORIOKA Tomohiko  <tomo@etl.go.jp>

	* doprnt.c (emacs_doprnt_1): Fix problem with %0XXd for a negative

2000-06-07  MORIOKA Tomohiko  <tomo@urania.m17n.org>

	* data.c (Fstring_to_number): Don't recognize floating point if
	base is not 10.

2000-06-22  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* glyphs-widget.c (tab_control_query_geometry):
	* glyphs.c (text_query_geometry):
	Enforce type correctness.

2000-06-18  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* s/decosf4-0.h (_etext): Use portable _etext instead of etext.
	* s/decosf4-0.h (_edata): Use portable _edata instead of edata.

2000-06-17  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* s/decosf4-0.h: Never #include "/usr/include/FOO.h" because this
	conflicts with gcc's fixincluded version of FOO.h.

	* glyphs.h (image_instance_geometry): Remove trailing `,'

2000-06-08  Mike Alexander  <mta@arbortext.com>

        (MAX_SHOVE_BUFFER_SIZE): Change to 512 to match stream buffer size
        (shove_thread): Don't write the same output twice
        (make_ntpipe_output_stream): Increase priority of shove thread
        (ntpipe_shove_writer): Call SwitchToThread to give shove thread a
        chance to run
        (ntpipe_shove_closer): Don't delete the pipe until we're done with

2000-06-12  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* s\mingw32.h (sigset):
	* s\windowsnt.h (sigset):
	rename msw_ to mswindows_ for consistency with general convention.

2000-06-12  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* console-msw.c:
	* console-msw.c (mswindows_get_console_hwnd):
	* console-msw.c (mswindows_ensure_console_allocated):
	* console-msw.c (mswindows_hide_console):
	* console-msw.c (mswindows_show_console):
	* console-msw.c (mswindows_ensure_console_buffered):
	* console-msw.c (mswindows_output_console_string):
	* console-msw.c (mswindows_windows9x_p):
	* console-msw.h:
	* device-msw.c (mswindows_get_workspace_coords):
	* device-msw.c (mswindows_device_system_metrics):
	* dialog-msw.c (mswindows_popup_dialog_box):
	* event-msw.c (mswindows_wnd_proc):
	* frame-msw.c (mswindows_size_frame_internal):
	* menubar-msw.c (mswindows_translate_menu_or_dialog_item):
	* menubar-msw.c (displayable_menu_item):
	* menubar-msw.c (mswindows_char_is_accelerator):
	* nt.c:
	* nt.c (mswindows_sigset):
	* nt.c (mswindows_sigrelse):
	* nt.c (mswindows_sigpause):
	* nt.c (mswindows_raise):
	* nt.c (timer_proc):
	* ntproc.c:
	* ntproc.c (find_child_console):
	* ntproc.c (sys_kill):
	* print.c:
	* print.c (std_handle_out_external):
	* process-nt.c (find_child_console):
	* process-nt.c (send_signal_the_95_way):
	* process-nt.c (ensure_console_window_exists):
	* process-nt.c (nt_create_process):
	* syssignal.h:
	rename msw_ to mswindows_ for consistency with general convention.

	* emacs.c:
	* dumper.c:
	include nt.h, not syswindows.h.

	* nt.c (mswindows_fstat):
	* nt.c (mswindows_stat):
	prefix mswindows_ instead of attempting to directly override the
	library functions.  fix declarations.
	* nt.h:
	include syswindows.h.  move some sysdep.h stuff here.
	* ntheap.h:
	include syswindows.h, not <windows.h>.

	* ntplay.c:
	clean up headers.
	* sysdep.c:
	clean up headers.
	* sysdep.c (sys_fstat):
	* sysdep.c (sys_stat):
	call mswindows versions when appropriate.
	* sysdep.h:
	move mswin decls to nt.h.
	* syswindows.h:
	add long comment describing appropriate use of the various windows

2000-06-11  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* device-x.c: Correct doc string for sixth arg of x-get-resource.

2000-06-10  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* Makefile.in.in (release):
	Correction to make sure xemacs.exe always dumped when correct.
	* alloca.c:
	* balloon_help.c:
	[[[[3]]]]: Conditionalize on actual problem, not WINDOWSNT.
	* buffer.c (set_buffer_internal):
	[[[[2]]]]: Remove HAVE_FEP code.

	* buffer.c (init_initial_directory):
	* bytecode.c:
	[[[[4]]]]: limits.h standardly included in lisp.h; remove from
	individual files.
	* callproc.c:
	* callproc.c (call_process_cleanup):
	* callproc.c (Fold_call_process_internal):
	* callproc.c (child_setup):
	* callproc.c (getenv_internal):
	* callproc.c (init_callproc):
	* callproc.c (vars_of_callproc):
	[[[[1]]]]: WINDOWSNT -> WIN32_NATIVE.
	__CYGWIN32__ -> CYGWIN.
	Remove MSDOS support/references, converting to WIN32_NATIVE
	  where correct.
	__MINGW32__ -> MINGW.
	Fix windows.h includes.
	Remove bogus HAVE_NTGUI.

	* config.h.in:
	* console-msw.c:
	mswindows_message_outputted added for use in allowing startup
	errors on the console to be seen.
	* console-msw.c (msw_ensure_console_allocated):
	* console-msw.c (msw_output_console_string):
	* console-msw.c (DHEADER):
	* console-msw.c (DOPAQUE_DATA):
	* console-msw.c (DEVENT):
	* console-msw.c (DCONS):
	* console-msw.c (DCONSCDR):
	* console-msw.c (DSTRING):
	* console-msw.c (DVECTOR):
	* console-msw.c (DSYMBOL):
	* console-msw.c (DSYMNAME):
	Fix warnings.
	* console-stream.c (stream_init_console):
	Fix text/binary problems.
	* device-msw.c:
	* device-msw.c (mswindows_finish_init_device):
	* device-msw.c (mswindows_delete_device):
	* device.c (handle_asynch_device_change):
	* dgif_lib.c:
	* dgif_lib.c (DGifOpenFileName):
	* dgif_lib.c (DGifOpenFileHandle):
	* dgif_lib.c (DGifGetLine):
	* dgif_lib.c (DGifGetPixel):
	Added config.h/lisp.h, fix up includes.
	* dired-msw.c:
	* dired.c:
	* dired.c (file_name_completion):
	* dired.c (Ffile_attributes):
	* dired.c (syms_of_dired):
	* dumper.c:
	* dumper.c (pdump_file_unmap):
	* dumper.c (pdump_load):
	* editfns.c:
	* editfns.c (Ftemp_directory):
	* editfns.c (user_login_name):
	* editfns.c (Fuser_real_login_name):
	* editfns.c (get_home_directory):
	* elhash.c (finish_marking_weak_hash_tables):
	[[[[5]]]]: Fix GCC warnings.
	* emacs.c:
	* emacs.c (mswindows_handle_hardware_exceptions):
	* emacs.c (make_arg_list_1):
	* emacs.c (main_1):
	* emacs.c (Fkill_emacs):
	* emacs.c (Fdump_emacs):
	Fix problems with nested crashes, add long comment.
	* event-Xt.c (init_event_Xt_late):
	* event-msw.c:
	* event-msw.c (mswindows_dde_callback):
	* event-msw.c (mswindows_handle_sticky_modifiers):
	* event-msw.c (mswindows_wnd_proc):
	* events.c (character_to_event):
	* fileio.c:
	* fileio.c (Ffile_name_directory):
	* fileio.c (Ffile_name_nondirectory):
	* fileio.c (directory_file_name):
	* fileio.c (Fexpand_file_name):
	* fileio.c (Fsubstitute_in_file_name):
	* fileio.c (Ffile_name_absolute_p):
	* fileio.c (check_executable):
	* fileio.c (Ffile_readable_p):
	* fileio.c (Ffile_accessible_directory_p):
	* fileio.c (Ffile_modes):
	* fileio.c (Funix_sync):
	* fileio.c (vars_of_fileio):
	[1]. [4].

	[[[[7]]]]: Move CORRECT_DIR_SEPS to s\windowsnt.h.
	Expand getdefdir defn.
	Fix bogus rename() comment.

	[[[[6]]]]: Fix Windows includes w.r.t. removed nt\inc.  Attempt
	to use standard XEmacs include files, e.g. sysfile.h, rather
	than system-specific includes.
	* fns.c:
	* fns.c (Fsubseq):
	[5]. [6].
	* frame.c (vars_of_frame):
	* getloadavg.c:
	* getloadavg.c (getloadavg):
	[1]. [6].
	#ifdef XEMACS not defined on Cygwin.  Remove this; no need for it.
	(We don't use it elsewhere in the code; just add a comment.)
	* gif_io.c:
	Add config.h.
	* glyphs-msw.c:
	* glyphs-msw.c (mswindows_resource_instantiate):
	* glyphs-x.c (x_native_layout_instantiate):
	* gui-msw.c (Fmswindows_shell_execute):
	* insdel.c:
	* lisp.h:
	[4]. [5].
	* lread.c (locate_file_in_directory_mapper):
	* lstream.c:
	* mem-limits.h:
	* mem-limits.h (get_lim_data):
	* menubar-msw.c:
	* ndir.h:
	* nt.c:
	* nt.c (getwd):
	* nt.c (closedir):
	* nt.c (rva_to_section):
	* nt.c (mswindows_executable_type):
	[1]. [6].
	Fix closedir() defn.
	* nt.h:
	[[[[8]]]]: *_OK defs moved to sysfile.h.
	* ntproc.c:
	[6]. [7].
	* objects-x.c:
	* print.c:
	* print.c (std_handle_out_external):
	[1]. [4].
	* process-nt.c:
	* process-nt.c (nt_create_process):
	try to fix process quoting somewhat.
	* process-unix.c (unix_create_process):
	* process.c:
	* process.c (vars_of_process):
	Add Vnull_device.
	* process.h:
	* realpath.c:
	* realpath.c (xrealpath):
	* redisplay-tty.c (init_tty_for_redisplay):
	* redisplay.c:
	[4]. [6].
	* scrollbar-msw.c:
	* sheap.c:
	* sheap.c (more_static_core):
	* sheap.c (report_sheap_usage):
	[5]. [6].
	* signal.c:
	* signal.c (alarm_signal):
	[1]. [6]. 
	* sound.c:
	* strftime.c:
	* strftime.c (zone_name):
	[1]. [5].
	* symsinit.h (init_sunpro):
	* syscommctrl.h:
	commctrl.h not in Cygwin b20.1.
	* sysdep.c:
	* sysdep.c (endif):
	* sysdep.c (sys_subshell):
	* sysdep.c (init_baud_rate):
	* sysdep.c (emacs_get_tty):
	* sysdep.c (emacs_set_tty):
	* sysdep.c (tty_init_sys_modes_on_device):
	* sysdep.c (init_system_name):
	* sysdep.c (sys_open):
	* sysdep.c (interruptible_open):
	* sysdep.c (sys_fopen):
	* sysdep.c (sys_mkdir):
	* sysdep.c (sys_rename):
	* sysdep.c (get_process_times_1):
	[1]. [6].
	* sysdep.h:
	* sysdir.h:
	* sysdir.h (DIRENTRY_NONEMPTY):
	[1]. [6].
	* sysdll.c (dll_init):
	* sysdll.h:
	* sysfile.h:
	[1]. [6]. [8].
	added text/binary defs.
	* sysfloat.h:
	* sysproc.h:
	* sysproc.h (EDESTADDRREQ):
	* sysproc.h (poll_fds_for_input):
	[1]. [6].
	* syspwd.h:
	* syssignal.h:
	* systime.h:
	[1]. [6].
	* systty.h:
	* syswindows.h:
	Always define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN.
	* unexcw.c (unexec):
	* unexec.c:
	* unexec.c (copy_text_and_data):
	* unexec.c (adjust_lnnoptrs):
	* unexnt.c:
	* unexnt.c (_start):
2000-06-07  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* mule-mcpath.c, mule-mcpath.h: Removed.  Old, crufty code that
	was used only as a model.  We've long since extracted any useful
	logic or code out of this. (I just did an exhaustive search.)

	* s\msdos.h: Removed.

	* s\windows95.h: Removed.

2000-06-10  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* s\cygwin32.h:
	[1]. [5].
	Don't use extern with fun defs.
	* s\mingw32.h:
	[1]. [7].
	Remove nt\inc include.
	Remove getdisk, getdefdir. (The former is unused, the latter
	expanded in fileio.h.)
	* s\windowsnt.h:
	* s\windowsnt.h (WIN32_NATIVE):
	* s\windowsnt.h (HAVE_STRCASECMP):
	[1]. [7].
	Add long comment about preprocessor changes.
	Remove getdisk, getdefdir. (The former is unused, the latter
	expanded in fileio.h.)

2000-06-10  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* m\arm.h:
	* m\delta.h:
	* m\intel386.h:
	* m\sequent.h:
	* m\template.h:
	* m\windowsnt.h:
	Remove bogus/unused NO_SOCK_SIGIO.
2000-06-08  Hrvoje Niksic  <hniksic@iskon.hr>

	* lisp.h (set_string_char): Call set_string_byte with a Bufbyte,
	not an Emchar.

2000-06-04  Mike Sperber <mike@xemacs.org>

	* casetab.c (set_case_table): For `set-standard-case-table',
	actually deposit the new case tables where the rest of XEmacs can
	see them.

2000-06-05  Yoshiki Hayashi <yoshiki@xemacs.org>

	* data.c (Faset): Don't cast XCHAR() to unsigned char.

2000-06-05  Ben Wing  <ben@xemacs.org>

	* callproc.c (child_setup): Don't do close_load_descs() under
	MS Windows.  Put in a comment explaining why.

2000-05-28  Adrian Aichner  <aichner@ecf.teradyne.com>

	* process-nt.c: Reverting patch "Fixing nt_create_process for MKS
	Toolkit shell" which breaks `kill-compilation' on Windows NT
	native, retaining STDERR handling improvements.

2000-06-01  Andreas Jaeger  <aj@suse.de>

	* s/s390.h: Support for S390, based on a patch by Martin
	Schwidefsky <schwidefsky@de.ibm.com>.

2000-05-30  Andy Piper  <andy@xemacs.org>

	* window.c (allocate_window): 
	(Fset_window_configuration): use new hashtable type.

	(struct image_instantiator_methods): 
	(struct Lisp_Image_Instance): make instance geometry signed.

	* glyphs.c (instantiate_image_instantiator): 
	(subwindow_query_geometry): make instance geometry signed.

	* glyphs-widget.c (widget_query_geometry): 
	(native_layout_layout): make instance geometry signed.

2000-05-29  Olivier Galibert  <galibert@pobox.com>

	* lisp.h: Add Qfull_assoc symbol and WEAK_LIST_FULL_ASSOC

	* general.c (syms_of_general): Add Qfull_assoc symbol.

	* data.c (finish_marking_weak_lists): Mark full-assoc lists
	(decode_weak_list_type): Decode full-assoc type.
	(encode_weak_list_type): Encode full-assoc type.
	(Fmake_weak_list): Update doc string.

2000-05-30  Andy Piper  <andy@xemacs.org>

	* elhash.h (hash_table_weakness): new KEY_VALUE weak hashtable.

	* elhash.c (print_hash_table): new KEY_VALUE weak hashtable.
	(decode_hash_table_weakness): ditto.
	(Fhash_table_weakness): ditto.
	(Fhash_table_type): ditto.
	(finish_marking_weak_hash_tables): ditto.
	(hash_table_weakness_validate): ditto.
	(syms_of_elhash): ditto.


goto changes, summary

2000-06-17  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* automated/database-tests.el: Remove any previous .pag, .dir files.

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