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XEmacs 21.2.29 Release

Summary of Changes to 21.2.29 "Hestia"

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  • Fix compile errors on pre-X11R6 systems, introduced in 21.2.28.
  • Fix autodetection of Berkeley DB on Linux Glibc 2 systems. (but more work needed)
  • Allow non-symbols (anything compared with `eq') in object plists.
  • Cleanup of property frobbing code.
  • Various AIX 4 fixes, including port of PDUMP.
  • MS-Windows redisplay and font fixes from Jonathan Harris.
  • various fixes from Craig Lanning, Daiki Ueno.
  • Asynchronous widget updates from Andy Piper.
  • More widget fixes from Andy Piper.
  • Don't use rel_alloc on glibc systems, including Linux
  • Upgrade etags.c to version 13.44, Francesco Potorti
  • etags does a better job of finding the exact match first, Kyle Jones
  • Portable dumper now described in Internals manual, Olivier and Martin
  • Object Plist documentation in lispref updated, Martin Buchholz
  • Just use standard `const' everywhere, instead of CONST
  • More pdump changes, Olivier Galibert

ChangeLogs for Release 21.2.29 "Hestia" of XEmacs

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2000-02-13  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* etags.c: Upgrade to version 13.44.
	Only added (unsigned char) casts to calls like isspace (*cp).


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2000-02-09  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* cl-extra.el (getf): This is now identical to `plist-get', so
	just defalias it.
	* cl-macs.el: Make getf an alias to plist-get, at the
	byte-compiler level, using define-compiler-macro.

2000-02-08  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* cl-extra.el (cl-remprop): Remove. remprop is now in C.

2000-02-07  Kyle Jones  <kyle_jones@wonderworks.com>

	* lisp/etags.el (find-tag-internal): set exact-tagname to
	  a regular expression that matches against the tagname
	  part of the tag entry first instead of only looking in
	  the context area.

2000-01-23  Björn Torkelsson  <torkel@hpc2n.umu.se>

	* gutter-items.el: fixed typo(s) in customizing default-gutter-position
	* toobar.el: fixed typo(s) in customizing default-toolbar-position


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2000-02-09  Valdis Kletnieks  <Valdis.Kletnieks@vt.edu>

	* config.h.in (ATHENA_INCLUDE): Workaround bugs in both xlc and
	old gccs.


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2000-02-16  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* internals/internals.texi: Integrate Olivier's portable dumping docs.

2000-02-09  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* lispref/symbols.texi (Object Plists): 
	Document `object-plist'.
	Document `remprop'.
	Rework all plist frobbing docs for accuracy.


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2000-02-06  Mike Alexander  <mta@arbortext.com>

	* xemacs.mak (install): Copy xemacs.dmp if using the portable


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2000-02-15  Olivier Galibert  <galibert@pobox.com>

	* fns.c (size_bit_vector): Fix computation of the size.

2000-02-15  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* *.[ch]: Change CONST to const globally.
	find -name '*.[ch]' | \
	xargs global-replace \
	- Remove vestigial references to CONST_IS_LOSING

2000-02-13  Jonathan Harris  <jhar@tardis.ed.ac.uk>

	* event-msw.c (mswindows_drain_windows_queue): Remove hack to
	bailout early on quit. Enqueue WM_PAINT events as XEmacs magic
	events instead of dispatching them directly.
	(mswindows_handle_paint): New function to do repainting.
	(emacs_mswindows_handle_magic_event): Call above function.

2000-02-13  Jonathan Harris  <jhar@tardis.ed.ac.uk>

	* objects-msw.c (mswindows_create_font_variant): Return the new
	font handle.
	(initialize_font_instance): Get font metrics from the underlined
	variant of the font to cope with the case where the underlined
	font has a bigger descent.

2000-02-08   Daiki Ueno  <ueno@ueda.info.waseda.ac.jp>

	* gui.c (gui_item_accelerator): Return the first underlined
	character in item name.

2000-02-11  Kirill 'Big K' Katsnelson  <kkm@dtmx.com>

	* lisp.h: Added Qprinter.

	* general.c (syms_of_general): Initialized it.

	* redisplay-msw.c (get_frame_dc): Conditionally start a new page.
	(get_frame_compdc): Made inline.

	* console.h (struct console_methods): Added eject_page method.

	* frame.h: Added FRAME_DISPLAY_P and friends.
	Aligned backslahes in many macros in more readable fashion.
	Added page_number to struct frame, and an accessor macro
	for it.

	* defice.h: Added DEVICE_DISPLAY_P and friends.

	* device.c (Fdevice_printer_p): Used these.

	* frame.c (allocate_frame_core): Initialize page number.
	(Fprint_job_eject_page): Implemented.

	* frame-msw.c (msprinter_eject_page): Added method.
	(msprinter_start_page): Added.

	* window.c (Fwindow_truncated_p): Fixed docstring.
	(Fwindow_last_line_visible_height): Implemented.

2000-02-09  Yoshiki Hayashi  <yoshiki@xemacs.org>

	* frame.c (change_frame_size_1): Undo 2000-02-03 change.

1999-12-20  Yoshiki Hayashi  <t90553@mail.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp>

	* syntax.c (scan_words): Always advance at least one character.

2000-02-13  Andy Piper  <andy@xemacs.org>

	* redisplay.c (add_glyph_rune): call get_glyph_cachel_index here
	to make sure the glyph is in the cachels.

	* glyphs.h (struct Lisp_Image_Instance): make layout_changed a
	global image instance flag.

	* glyphs.c (allocate_image_instance): set dirty bits correctly.
	(Fset_image_instance_property): mark layout as changed.
	(invalidate_glyph_geometry_maybe): mark layout as changed.
	(glyph_width): use new NEEDS_LAYOUT macro.
	(glyph_ascent): ditto.
	(glyph_descent): ditto.
	(glyph_height): ditto.
	(image_instance_layout): mark layout as clean after laying out.
	(update_subwindow): don't mark layout as clean here.

	* glyphs-x.h (IMAGE_INSTANCE_X_WIDGET_ID): undo C++ changes, they
	should no longer be needed.

	* glyphs-x.c (x_update_widget): sanitize asserts.
	(x_finalize_image_instance): sanitize assignment to widgets.

	* glyphs-widget.c (widget_instantiate): don't need to clear the
	layout flag here.

2000-02-13  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* sysdep.c (getcwd): Use standard prototype.
	* sysdep.h (getcwd): Use standard prototype.

	* fns.c (Fsubseq): Change parameters to more natural ANSI Lisp
	(sequence, start, end).
	Remove redundant type checking.
	(Fmapconcat): Remove useless GCPRO, a wrong-headed attempt (in
	view of `caller-protects') to avoid a crash where the real fix was
	found elsewhere.

2000-02-12  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* glyphs-x.c (x_finalize_image_instance): Compile error fixes.

	* s/sol2.h: Remove feature macro initialization.

	* alloc.c (alloc_lcrecord): Add more type checking assertions.
	(vector_hash): New.  Code from internal_hash.
	* lrecord.h: 
	Fix up allocation subsystem comments.

	* config.h.in: Add __EXTENSIONS__ for Solaris.

	* systime.h (EMACS_GETTIMEOFDAY): New.
	Remove Solaris-specific code.
	Use void* for the (ignored) second arg for gettimeofday().

	* elhash.c (hash_table_hash): Implement it, finally.
	* elhash.c:  Use hashcode_t.

	* linuxplay.c (sighandler): Fix prototypes to use SIGTYPE.
	* sunplay.c (sighandler): Fix prototype to use SIGTYPE.

	* lisp.h (STRETCHY_STRUCT_SIZEOF): Delete.
	* fns.c (size_bit_vector): 
	* alloc.c (size_vector): 
	Replace calls to STRETCHY_STRUCT_SIZEOF with offsetof expression.

2000-02-10  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* s/aix4.h: #define MAP_FAILED if sys/mman.h didn't.
	Include strings.h to avoid warnings for bzero and strcasecmp.

2000-02-10  Olivier Galibert  <galibert@pobox.com>

	* alloc.c: Move STRETCHY_STRUCT_SIZEOF from here...
	* lisp.h (STRETCHY_STRUCT_SIZEOF): ...to here

	* fns.c (size_bit_vector): New.  Declare bit vectors as a

2000-02-10  Olivier Galibert  <galibert@pobox.com>

	* symeval.h (struct symbol_value_magic): Remove "next" kludge and
	use a value field instead.
	(symbol_value_forward_forward): Use value field.
	(DEFVAR_SYMVAL_FWD): Use value field.
	(DEFVAR_SYMVAL_FWD_INT): Added.  Dumps the int with dumpopaque.
	(DEFVAR_BOOL): Ditto.

	* symbols.c (guts_of_unbound_marker): Use value field.
	* console.c (DEFVAR_CONSOLE_LOCAL_1): Ditto.
	* buffer.c (DEFVAR_BUFFER_LOCAL_1): Ditto.

	* lisp.h: Declare dumpopaque and noninteractive1.

	* alloc.c (dumpopaque): Added.
	(pdump_dump_opaquevec): Added.
	(pdump): Call pdump_dump_opaquevec to dump opaque data.
	(pdump_load): Reload opaque data.  Sync noninteractive1 with

2000-02-10  Andy Piper  <andy@xemacs.org>

	* glyphs.c (image_instance_layout): if the size changes, mark it
	as such.

	* redisplay-output.c (redisplay_output_layout): Update the
	subwindow here.
	(redisplay_output_subwindow): ditto.

	* glyphs.c (update_subwindow): make sure we reset flags for
	layouts as well as everything else.

	* glyphs-widget.c (layout_layout): don't need to set the instances
	dimensions here.

2000-02-09  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* device-x.c (x_init_device): Wrap calls to dll_*  in HAVE_SHLIB,
	not HAVE_DLOPEN, which is a lower-level thing.

	* .cvsignore: Ignore gmon.out

2000-02-09  Hamish Macdonald <hamishm@lucent.com>

	* .cvsignore: Ignore portable dumper xemacs.dmp file

2000-02-09  Andy Piper  <andy@xemacs.org>

	* redisplay-output.c (redisplay_output_layout): be more clever
	about when we output based on the changed flags.

	* glyphs.h (struct image_instantiator_methods): add update_method.
	(struct Lisp_Image_Instance): add changed flags. Declare new
	macros for manipulating them.

	* glyphs.c (allocate_image_instance): renamed glyph -> parent.
	(image_instance_parent_glyph): find an image_instance's parent
	glyph or image_instance.
	(image_instance_layout): mark the size as changed.
	(set_image_instance_dirty_p): new function. mark an image
	instance, plus all of its parents, as dirty.
	(Fset_image_instance_property): use it.
	(Fglyph_animated_timeout_handler): use it.
	(update_subwindow): call update_widget and device methods for
	update_subwindow. Mark all changed flags as clean.
	(Fresize_subwindow): mark size as changed.

	* glyphs-x.c (x_finalize_image_instance): try and detect gc
	(x_update_subwindow): only resize subwindows here.
	(x_update_widget): new function. Update all changed properties of
	a widget.
	(x_resize_subwindow): deleted.
	(x_widget_set_property): deleted.
	(x_progress_gauge_set_property): deleted.
	(x_progress_gauge_update): new function. Implement recorded
	(x_tab_control_update): ditto.
	(x_tab_control_set_property): deleted.
	(console_type_create_glyphs_x): declare new functions.
	(image_instantiator_format_create_glyphs_x): ditto.

	* glyphs-widget.c (widget_set_property): mark text changed.
	(update_widget): new function. Update properties of a widget.
	(widget_instantiate): for layouts make sure we set their
	children's parent correctly.
	(tab_control_set_property): new function. Record changes that will
	take place under redisplay's control.
	(progress_gauge_set_property): ditto.
	(image_instantiator_progress_guage): declare new functions.
	(image_instantiator_tab_control): ditto.

	* glyphs-msw.c (mswindows_update_subwindow): just do resizing here
	(mswindows_update_widget): new function. Update all properties on
	a widget that have changed.
	(mswindows_button_update): new function. Update a button's set
	(mswindows_tab_control_update): new function. Update the items in
	a tab.
	(mswindows_tab_control_set_property): deleted.
	(mswindows_progress_gauge_update): new function. Update the
	progress gauge's progress.
	(mswindows_widget_set_property): deleted. This is all done
	asynchronously now.
	(mswindows_progress_gauge_set_property): ditto.
	(console_type_create_glyphs_mswindows): declare new methods.
	(image_instantiator_format_create_glyphs_mswindows): ditto.

	* frame-msw.c (msprinter_init_frame_1): Remove unused variables.
	(msprinter_set_frame_properties): ditto.

	* console.h (struct console_methods): Add update_widget_method.

2000-02-09  Andy Piper  <andy@xemacs.org>

	* gui-msw.c (Fmswindows_shell_execute): Make
	mswindows-shell-execute industrial strength.

2000-02-08  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* lrecord.h: Make macro argument `props' match member function `plist'.
	* fns.c (Fget):
	* fns.c (Fput):
	* fns.c (Fremprop):
	* fns.c (Fobject_plist):
	* alloc.c:
	* symbols.c:
	Object property list frobbing cleanup.
	- Allow any lisp object (compared with `eq'), not just symbols, as
	  keys in object plists.
	- Move symbol plist frobbing into symbols.c, where it belongs.
	- Move string plist frobbing into alloc.c, where it belongs.
	- Everything's an lrecord now, so no need to test for symbolp, etc.
	- Fix up doc strings to refer to PROPERTY, not PROPNAME.

	* extents.c: Reorder code to remove declarations.

	* frame.h (store_in_alist): Remove useless declaration.

2000-02-07  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* event-Xt.c (x_has_keysym): Use XConvertCase only if available.
	* config.h.in: Add HAVE_XCONVERTCASE.

2000-02-07  Andy Piper  <andy@xemacs.org>
	* glyphs.c (image_instance_layout): undo 2000-01-29 change since
	it breaks many things.

2000-02-07  Jan Vroonhof  <vroonhof@math.ethz.ch>

	* src/syntax.h (SYNTAX_START_P): Check whether the two chars
	actually can start a common comment type.
	* src/syntax.h (SYNTAX_END_P): ditto for end.


goto changes, summary

2000-02-13  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>

	* automated/lisp-tests.el: Add subseq tests.

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