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XEmacs 21.1.7 release notice and download locations

XEmacs-21.1.7 "Biscayne" is available from ftp.xemacs.org. Get it from:

A patch to upgrade from 21.1.6 is also available:

[The patch tarball only includes patches from xemacs-21.1.6.tar.gz to xemacs-21.1.7.tar.gz; you will still need to retrieve the elc and info tarballs.]

The changelogs for this release are also available.

XEmacs-21.1 is the stable branch of XEmacs. As such, only bugfix submissions are allowed into these releases. This release fixes a large number of bugfixes; consultant the ChangeLogs for details. In addition, at the urging of Jan Vroonhof, I have copied xpm-button.el into the core lisp package. This will cause a lisp shadowing which can be safely ignored.

The 21.1.x series of releases is being named for US National Parks. Biscayne is a National Park located in South Florida. For more information see: http://www.nps.gov:80/bisc/.

Vin Shelton


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