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XEmacs 21.1.6 release notice and download locations

XEmacs-21.1.6 "Big Bend" is available from ftp.xemacs.org. Get it from:

A patch to upgrade from 21.1.4 is also available:

[The patch tarball only includes patches from xemacs-21.1.4.tar.gz to xemacs-21.1.6.tar.gz; you will still need to retrieve the elc and info tarballs.]

(For those of you keeping score at home, I botched XEmacs 21.1.5 - I tagged the sources and cut the tarballs without committing the changes. D'oh! Sorry Badlands!)

XEmacs-21.1 is the stable branch of XEmacs. As such, only bugfix submissions are allowed into these releases. This release fixes a variety of miscellaneous bugs; check the following URLs for more details:

In addition, 2 fixes from Bob Weiner and one fix from Alexandre Oliva were applied.

The 21.1.x series of releases is being named for US National Parks. Big Bend is an enormous National Park located in West Texas. For more information see: http://www.nps.gov:80/bibe/.

Vin Shelton


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