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Table of Contents

1. Getting Started
1.1 Starting Info on a Small Screen
1.2 How to use Info
1.3 Returning to the Previous node
1.4 The Space, DEL, B and ^L commands
1.5 Invisible text in XEmacs Info
1.5.1 The ] and [ commands
1.6 Menus and the m command
1.6.1 The u command
1.7 Following Cross-References
1.8 Some intermediate Info commands
1.9 Quitting Info
2. Advanced Info Commands
2.1 s searches Info documents
2.2 i searches the indices for specific subjects
2.3 g goes to a node by name
2.4 1--9 choose a menu subtopic by its number
2.5 M-n creates a new independent Info buffer in XEmacs
2.6 XEmacs Info-mode Variables
3. Info for Experts
3.1 Adding a new node to Info
3.2 How to Create Menus
3.3 Creating Cross References
3.3.1 The node reached by the cross reference in Info
3.4 Tags Tables for Info Files
3.5 Checking an Info File

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