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The GNU Project distributes most of its on-line manuals in the Info format, which you read using an Info reader. You are probably using an Info reader to read this now.

There are two primary Info readers: info, a stand-alone program designed just to read Info files (see section `Stand-alone Info' in GNU Info), and the info package in XEmacs, a general-purpose editor. At present, only the XEmacs reader supports using a mouse.

If you are new to the Info reader and want to learn how to use it, type the command h now. It brings you to a programmed instruction sequence.

To read about advanced Info commands, type n twice. This brings you to Advanced Info Commands, skipping over the `Getting Started' chapter.

1. Getting Started  Getting started using an Info reader.
2. Advanced Info Commands  Advanced Info commands.
3. Info for Experts  Info commands for experts.
Index  An index of topics, commands, and variables.

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