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XEmacs Home Page for Hrvoje Niksic

This is the XEmacs home page for Hrvoje Niksic, one of the developers of XEmacs.

Hrvoje thinks he works in the server-side web business. In reality, he cranks out huge quantities of HTML, Tcl, and Java for the German branch of ArsDigita, Inc. He joined the ranks of Gastarbeiters only recently; he is trying to learn German and get attuned to München and Bav^H^H^HGermany.

Before ArsDigita, he worked as a programmer at Iskon, a fast-growing Croatian ISP. Even before that, he worked part-time for academic institutions like SRCE and CARNet, and tried to attend university.

He takes perverse pleasure in building and maintaining free software in his free time. Apart from XEmacs, his major contribution is Wget, his very own creation, now jointly maintained by a happy crew.

He dreams of having a home page.

Contributions to XEmacs:

Hrvoje's contribution to XEmacs consists of many hours spent working on code and taking part in public discussions. He wrote `savehist' and `htmlize' packages, the latter having a pretty large gathering of users. He worked to improve many parts of XEmacs Lisp code, including isearch (FSF synch and new features), cl, edmacro (FSF synch and an almost complete rewrite), profile, gnuserv, hyper-apropos, etags, about, and custom. He has worked on improving and optimizing the C core. He ported many FSF core features such as indirect buffers, tty-erase-char, save-current-buffer and friends, debug-ignored-errors, etc. He also wrote line numbering optimizations for large buffers, initial support for TTY frames, abbrev improvements, Lisp printer and reader improvements, support for extent modification functions, and lots of minor bugfixes, optimizations, and Muleifications. He contributed to Lispref and Internals documentation, including a section on writing Mule-compliant C code. Maintains NEWS. He participated on xemacs-beta since 1996 and on the Patch Review Board since its inception in 1998.


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