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12. More Help

For more help on Emacs/W3, please send me mail (wmperry+w3@cs.indiana.edu). Several discussion lists have also been created for Emacs/W3. To subscribe, send mail to majordomo@indiana.edu, with the body of the message 'subscribe listname <email addres>'. All other mail should go to <listname>@indiana.edu.

For help on the World Wide Web in general, please refer to the comp.infosystems.www.* newsgroups. There are also several discussion lists concerning the Web. Send mail to <listname>-request@w3.org with a subject line of 'subscribe <listname>'. All mail should go to <listname>@w3.org. Administrative mail should go to www-admin@w3.org. The lists are:

As a last resort, mail me. I'll try to answer as quickly as I can.

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