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Index Entry Section

# (Previous file)4.1 Groundwork
`#' (Previous file)4.6 Shell Commands

% (Current file)4.1 Groundwork
% (Current file)4.6 Shell Commands
% (Ex address)4.1 Groundwork
`%' (Ex address)4.6 Shell Commands

.emacs3. Customization
.viper3. Customization

:customize3. Customization

<a-z>4.1 Groundwork
<address>4.1 Groundwork
<args>4.1 Groundwork
<cmd>4.1 Groundwork
<cr>4.1 Groundwork
<esc>4.1 Groundwork
<ht>4.1 Groundwork
<lf>4.1 Groundwork
<move>4.1 Groundwork
<sp>4.1 Groundwork

abbrevs2.7 Abbreviation Facilities
absolute file names1.5 Multiple Files in Viper
appending4.2.3 Appending Text
auto fill4.7 Options
auto save2.2 Undo and Backups
autoindent4.7 Options

backup files2.2 Undo and Backups
backup files4.2.9 Undoing
buffer1.1 Emacs Preliminaries
buffer (modified)1.1 Emacs Preliminaries
buffer information1.1 Emacs Preliminaries
buffer search2.6 Improved Search

C-c and Viper3.2.1 Packages that Change Keymaps
case and searching4.7 Options
case-insensitive search1.3.2 Vi State
case-insensitive search2.9 New Commands
case-insensitive search4.2.1 Move Commands
case-sensitive search1.3.2 Vi State
case-sensitive search2.9 New Commands
case-sensitive search4.2.1 Move Commands
changing case2.9 New Commands
changing case4.2.6 Changing Text
changing tab width4.7 Options
char4.1 Groundwork
CHAR4.1 Groundwork
column movement4.2.1 Move Commands
Command history2.9 New Commands
command line1.1 Emacs Preliminaries
Command ring2.9 New Commands
compiling2.10 Useful Packages
completion2.5 Completion
Control keys1.1 Emacs Preliminaries
customization3. Customization
cut and paste4.2.8 Yanking

describing regions2.1 Basics
desktop2.10 Useful Packages
Destructive command history3.3 Viper Specials
Destructive command ring3.3 Viper Specials
dired2.10 Useful Packages
dynamic abbrevs2.7 Abbreviation Facilities

ediff2.10 Useful Packages
Emacs state1.3 States in Viper
Emacs state1.3.1 Emacs State
email2.10 Useful Packages
end (of buffer)1.1 Emacs Preliminaries
end (of line)1.1 Emacs Preliminaries
Ex addresses4.1 Groundwork
Ex commands1.3 States in Viper
Ex commands1.3.2 Vi State
Ex commands4.1 Groundwork
Ex style motion2.8 Movement and Markers
expanding (region)2.1 Basics

font-lock2.10 Useful Packages

global keymap1.1 Emacs Preliminaries

headings3.3 Viper Specials
headings4.2.1 Move Commands
history2.3 History

incremental search2.6 Improved Search
initialization3. Customization
Insert state1.3 States in Viper
Insert state1.3.3 Insert State
Insert state4.2.4 Editing in Insert State
inserting4.2.3 Appending Text
Insertion history2.9 New Commands
Insertion ring2.9 New Commands
Insertion ring3.3 Viper Specials
interactive shell2.10 Useful Packages
ispell2.10 Useful Packages

joining lines4.2.6 Changing Text

key bindings3.2 Key Bindings
key bindings4.5 Mapping
key mapping4.5 Mapping
keyboard macros2.4 Macros and Registers
keyboard macros2.9 New Commands
keymap1.1 Emacs Preliminaries
keymaps3.2 Key Bindings

last keyboard macro2.4 Macros and Registers
layout4.7 Options
line commands2.1 Basics
line commands4.1 Groundwork
line editor motion2.8 Movement and Markers
literal searching4.7 Options
local keymap1.1 Emacs Preliminaries
looking at1.1 Emacs Preliminaries

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