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1. Introduction

Welcome to VHDL Mode version 3. This is a GNU Emacs mode for editing files containing VHDL code.

This manual will describe the following:

The major version number was incremented to 3 with the addition of many new features for editing VHDL code to the new indentation engine, which was introduced in major version 2. To find the minor revision number of this release, use M-x vhdl-version RET.

A special word of thanks goes to Rod Whitby, who wrote the VHDL Mode indentation engine, and to Barry Warsaw, who wrote the CC Mode indentation engine that formed the basis thereof. Their manuals were also the basis for this manual.

This manual is not very up-to-date. It basically contains the indentation machine documentation by Rod Whitby with only minor adaptions. A short documentation of the entire VHDL Mode is available within the mode itself by typing C-c C-h. Also, all commands and the customization of most variables is available through the menu, which makes everything highly self-explaining.

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