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Concept Index

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Index Entry Section

buffer mode4. Buffer Mode

common keys2.1 Basic Key Bindings
create major display mode7.2 Major Display Modes
create minor display mode7.1 Minor Display Modes
creating a display7.4 Creating a display
customizing6. Customizing

directory display3.1 Directory Display
displays submenu2.4 Displays Submenu

extending7. Extending

faces6.1 Frames and Faces
file flags3.1 Directory Display
file key bindings3.3 File Key Bindings
file mode3. File Mode
frame parameters6.1 Frames and Faces

gdb5.3 GDB
groups2.2.0.1 Groups
gud5.3 GDB

hidden files3.2 Hidden Files
hooks6.4 Hooks

Info5.2 Info
introduction1. Introduction

key bindings2.1 Basic Key Bindings

minor display modes5. Minor Display Modes
mode switching hotkeys2.1 Basic Key Bindings
mouse bindings2.3 Mouse Bindings
my-fetch-dynamic-tags7.3 Tagging Extensions
my-insert-tag-list7.3 Tagging Extensions

navigation2.1 Basic Key Bindings

power click2.3 Mouse Bindings

quitting speedbar2.1 Basic Key Bindings

refresh speedbar display2.1 Basic Key Bindings

scrolling in speedbar2.1 Basic Key Bindings
slowbar mode2.1 Basic Key Bindings
speedbar-before-delete-hook6.4 Hooks
speedbar-before-popup-hook6.4 Hooks
speedbar-button-face6.1 Frames and Faces
speedbar-contract-line7.2 Major Display Modes
speedbar-create-tag-hierarchy7.3 Tagging Extensions
speedbar-directory-face6.1 Frames and Faces
speedbar-directory-unshown-regexp6.3 Version Control
speedbar-dynamic-tags-function-list7.3 Tagging Extensions
speedbar-edit-line7.2 Major Display Modes
speedbar-expand-line7.2 Major Display Modes
speedbar-file-face6.1 Frames and Faces
speedbar-frame-parameters, Emacs6.1 Frames and Faces
speedbar-frame-plist, XEmacs6.1 Frames and Faces
speedbar-get-focus1. Introduction
speedbar-highlight-face6.1 Frames and Faces
speedbar-insert-button7.4 Creating a display
speedbar-insert-generic-list7.4 Creating a display
speedbar-item-info7.2 Major Display Modes
speedbar-item-info-file-helper7.2 Major Display Modes
speedbar-item-info-tag-helper7.2 Major Display Modes
speedbar-line-path7.2 Major Display Modes
speedbar-load-hook6.4 Hooks
speedbar-make-specialized-keymap7.2 Major Display Modes
speedbar-make-tag-line7.4 Creating a display
speedbar-mode-hook6.4 Hooks
speedbar-obj-alist3.1 Directory Display
speedbar-prefix-group-tag-hierarchy6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
speedbar-reconfigure-keymaps-hook6.4 Hooks
speedbar-scanner-reset-hook6.4 Hooks
speedbar-selected-face6.1 Frames and Faces
speedbar-simple-group-tag-hierarchy6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
speedbar-sort-tag-hierarchy6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
speedbar-tag-face6.1 Frames and Faces
speedbar-tag-group-name-minimum-length6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
speedbar-tag-hierarchy-method6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
speedbar-tag-regroup-maximum-length6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
speedbar-tag-split-minimum-length6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
speedbar-timer-hook6.4 Hooks
speedbar-trim-words-tag-hierarchy6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
speedbar-vc-in-control-hook6.3 Version Control
speedbar-vc-indicator6.3 Version Control
speedbar-vc-path-enable-hook6.3 Version Control
speedbar-visiting-file-hook6.4 Hooks
speedbar-visiting-tag-hook6.4 Hooks

tag groups6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
tag hierarchy6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
tag sorting6.2 Tag Hierarchy Methods
tags2.2.0.2 Tags

vc extensions6.3 Version Control
version control6.3 Version Control
visuals2.2 Basic Visuals

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