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9. Appearance of text in the buffer

9.1 Folding editing  
9.2 Hiding markup  
9.3 Highlighting markup  

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9.1 Folding editing

With these commands you can make parts of the text temporarily invisible to make it easier to see the overall structure of your text.

When folding a region all the lines but the first will be invisible. The first line of the region will still be visible with an ellipsis at the end.

See section `Outline Mode' in The Emacs Editor.

C-c C-f C-r
The region between point and mark will be folded (sgml-fold-region).

C-c C-f C-e
The region between the start and end of the current element will be folded (sgml-fold-element).

This command can also fold the SGML declaration or the DOCTYPE declaration.

C-c C-f C-s
Fold all the sub elements of the current element (sgml-fold-subelement).

C-c C-s
C-c C-u C-l
Unfold the current line, assuming it is the first line of a folded region (sgml-unfold-line).

C-c C-u C-e
Make all lines in current element visible (sgml-unfold-element).

C-c C-u C-a
Make all lines in current buffer visible (sgml-unfold-all).

C-c C-f C-x
Unfold current element and then fold the subelements (sgml-expand-element). If the current element is folded this expands what is visible.

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9.2 Hiding markup

*** Describe hide-tags

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9.3 Highlighting markup

PSGML can highlight the markup giving the markup a different face (see section `Using Multiple Typefaces' in The Emacs Editor). The highlighting will only be done if the variable sgml-set-face is non-nil. The default settings make tags bold and comments italic, but this can be modified with the variable sgml-markup-faces. When highlighting is on PSGML will parse after every command until the whole buffer has been parsed or user event occurs.

To remove the highlighting type M-x sgml-clear-faces.

User Option: sgml-set-face
If non-nil, psgml will set the face of parsed markup.

User Option: sgml-markup-faces
A list of markup to face mappings. Each element looks like (markup-type . face). Possible values for markup-type is:

comment declaration
doctype declaration
ignored marked section
marked section end, if not ignored
marked section start, if not ignored
processing instruction
SGML declaration
entity reference
short reference

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