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3. Editing Assembler Code

This mode is used for editing Assembler code. The mode is automatically invoked for buffers visiting any file ending with one of the following extensions: `.s', `.S', `.asm'.

The mode is based on text-mode. It defines a private abbrev table that can be used to save abbrevs for assembler mnemonics. It binds just five keys:

Tab to next tab stop

Outdent preceding label, tab to tab stop

comment char
Place or move comment. asm-comment-char specifies which character this is; you can use a different character in different Asm mode buffers. Alternatively, you may set this variable in asm-mode-set-comment-hook, which is called near the beginning of mode initialization.

C-j, C-m
Newline and tab to tab stop

Code is automatically indented to the first tab stop level.

Turning on Asm mode runs the hook asm-mode-hook at the end of initialization.

To configure this package, type:

  M-x customize-group RET asm RET

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