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2. About pcl-cvs

Pcl-cvs is a front-end to CVS versions 1.9 and later. It integrates the most frequently used CVS commands into an emacs interface.

2.1 Contributors to pcl-cvs  
2.2 Where can I get pcl-cvs?  Where can I get a copy of Pcl-Cvs?

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2.1 Contributors to pcl-cvs

Contributions to the package are welcome. I have limited time to work on this project, but I will gladly add any code that you contribute to me to this package (see section 9. Bugs (known and unknown)).

The following persons have made contributions to pcl-cvs.

Apart from these, a lot of people have send us suggestions, ideas, requests, bug reports and encouragement. Thanks a lot! Without you there would be no new releases of pcl-cvs.

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2.2 Where can I get pcl-cvs?

As of January 1996, the original author of pcl-cvs, Per Cederqvist, is no longer maintaining pcl-cvs and responsibility has been passed to the PCL-CVS Trust, see See section 9. Bugs (known and unknown).

As of this writing, there are several versions of pcl-cvs available on the net. First, there is the old pcl-cvs version 1.05 distributed with CVS and in widespread use. Next, there is version 2.0b2, distributed by the new primary maintainer, Greg Woods. It is available via anonymous ftp from ftp.weird.com in the directory /pub/local. Then there is an XEmacs version based on 2.0b2 available with XEmacs 21.0 in packaged form (see ftp.xemacs.org in the directory /pub/xemacs/packages). Finally, there is the 2.0.xx version from Stefan Monnier available from ftp://rum.cs.yale.edu/pub/monnier/pcl-cvs. Plans for merging these last three into a unified release are moving forward. See also http://www.cyclic.com and in particular http://www.cyclic.com/cvs/soft-pcl.html for possibly more current information.

New releases will be announced to appropriate newsgroups. If you send your email address to us at pcl-cvs@cyclic.com we will attempt to notify you of new releases.

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