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1. The Operating System Utilities Package

This Info file contains the manual for the Operating System Utilities package.

The node name for each entry in the menu is the name of the elisp file containing the code that implements the functionality described. It is highly recommended that you briefly peruse the elisp source code since it can provide valuable information on usage and technique. This can easily be done by typing C-x 4 l <filename> RET where <filename> is the name of the elisp file to be loaded.

2. Copying  Why this manual is GPL, and what that means
Archive Management
3. Simple Editing of TAR Files  
4. Simple Editing of Archives  
5. Handling for Compressed and Encrypted Files  
6. Reading/Writing/Loading Compressed Files  
7. Auto-Decompression Hook for Visiting .Z Files  
8. Execute a Telnet Session From Within an Emacs Buffer  
9. Remote Login Interface Using SSH  
10. Remote Login Interface Using Telnet  
11. Remote Login Interface Using rlogin  
12. Multicast Chatting  
13. Using Shell Mode With Kermit  
14. Terminal Emulator  
15. Spelling Correction  
16. Fun With Background Jobs  
17. Inferior-Lisp Mode  
18. ledit  
19. XEmacs License  The GNU General Public License

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