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ILISP replaces the standard inferior Lisp mode. ILISP is based on comint mode and derived from a number of different interfaces including Symbolics, CMU Common Lisp, and Thinking Machines.

There are many people that have taken the time to report bugs, make suggestions and even better send code to fix bugs or implement new features.

Thanks to Paolo Amoroso, Martin Atzmueller, David Bakash, Daniel Barlow, Guido Bosch, Tim Bradshaw, David Braunegg, Thomas M. Breuel, Craig Brozefsky, Rick Campbell, Hans Chalupsky, Kimball Collins, William Deakin, Brian Dennis, David Duff, Tom Emerson, Michael Ernst, Scott Fahlman, Karl Fogel, Paul Fuqua (for the CMU-CL GC display code), David Gadbois, Robert P. Goldman, Marty Hall, Richard Harris, Utz-Uwe Haus, Jim Healy, Matthias Hoelzl, Christopher Hoover, Larry Hunter, Ben Hyde, Chuck Irvine, Mark Kantrowitz, Michael Kashket, Matthias Koeppe, Qiegang Long, Christian Lynbech, Erik Naggum, Dan Pierson, Yusuf Pisan, Frank Ritter, Ole Rohne, Jeffrey Mark Siskind, Neil Smithline, Richard Stallman, Larry Stead, Jason Trenouth, Christof Ullwer, Reini Urban, Bjorn Victor, Edmund Weitz, Fred White, Ben Wing, Matsuo Yoshihiro, Jamie Zawinski and many others for bug reports, suggestions and code. Our apologies to anyone we may have forgotten.

Special thanks to Todd Kaufmann for the texinfo file, work on bridge, epoch-pop and for really exercising everything.

Please send bug reports, fixes and extensions to the `ilisp-devel' mailing list so that they can be merged into the master source. See section How to get the latest ILISP distribution..

--Chris McConnell                     1991-03-18
--Ivan Vazquez                        1993-06-27
--Marco Antoniotti and Rick Campbell  1996-10-25
--Marco Antoniotti and Paolo Amoroso  1999-08-19

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