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IDL is a registered trademark of Research Systems, Inc., a Kodak Company


Note that this package has nothing to do with the Interface Definition Language, part of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)


IDLWAVE can also be used for editing source files for the related WAVE/CL language, but with only limited support.


This list is created by scanning the IDL manuals and might contain (very few) errors. Please report any errors to the maintainer, so that they can be fixed.


Please inform the maintainer if you come up with a way to make the IDLWAVE shell work on these systems.


This is different from normal Emacs/Comint behavior, but more like an xterm. If you prefer the default comint functionality, check the variable idlwave-shell-arrows-do-history.


Note that this binding is not symmetric: C-c C-d C-q is bound to idlwave-shell-quit, which quits your IDL session.


Available as p and ? in Electric Debug Mode (see section 5.4.6 Electric Debug Mode)


In Electric Debug Mode (see section 5.4.6 Electric Debug Mode), the key x provides a single-character shortcut interface to the same examine functions for the expression at point or marked by the region.


Due to copyright reasons, the HTML version of the IDL manual cannot be distributed under the GPL.


The initial `+' leads to recursive expansion of the path, just like in IDL


Unix systems only, I think.


Call your RSI representative and complain -- it should be trivial for them to provide one. And if enough people ask for it, maybe they will. The new MacOSX version of IDL does have a shell and works well with IDLWAVE.

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