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Index Entry Section

!DIR, IDL variable4.2 Routine Info
!DIR, IDL variableA.3.2 User Catalog
!DIR, IDL variableA.4 Load-Path Shadows
!PATH, IDL variable4.2 Routine Info
!PATH, IDL variableA.1 Routine Definitions

`*Debugging*'5.4.6 Electric Debug Mode

->4.4.2 Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity

`.emacs'C. Configuration Examples
`.idlwave_catalog'A.3.1 Library Catalogs

Abbreviations4.8 Abbreviations
Acknowledgements7. Acknowledgements
Actions4.9 Actions
Actions, applied to foreign code4.9 Actions
Active text, in routine info4.2 Routine Info
Application, testing for shadowingA.4 Load-Path Shadows
Authors, of IDLWAVE7. Acknowledgements
auto-fill-mode4.1.4 Continuation Lines and Filling

Block boundary check4.9.1 Block Boundary Check
Block, closing4.9.1 Block Boundary Check
Breakpoints5.4.3 Breakpoints and Stepping
Browser TipsB. HTML Help Browser Tips
Buffer, testing for shadowingA.4 Load-Path Shadows
Buffers, killing4.5 Routine Source
Buffers, scanning for routine info4.2 Routine Info
Buffers, scanning for routine infoA.2 Routine Information Sources
Builtin list of routinesA.2 Routine Information Sources

C-c ?4.2 Routine Info
C-c C-d5.4.2 Debug Key Bindings
C-c C-d C-b5.4.3 Breakpoints and Stepping
C-c C-d C-b5.4.3 Breakpoints and Stepping
C-c C-d C-c5.4.4 Compiling Programs
C-c C-d C-p5.5 Examining Variables
C-c C-h4.10 Documentation Header
C-c C-i4.2 Routine Info
C-c C-i4.4 Completion
C-c C-m4.10 Documentation Header
C-c C-s5.1 Starting the Shell
C-c C-v4.5 Routine Source
C-M-\4.1.1 Code Indentation
CALL_EXTERNAL, IDL routineA.1 Routine Definitions
Calling sequences4.2 Routine Info
Calling stack, walking5.4.5 Walking the Calling Stack
Cancelling completion4.4 Completion
Case changes4.9.3 Case Changes
Case of completed words4.4.1 Case of Completed Words
CatalogsA.3 Catalogs
Categories, of routines4.2 Routine Info
cc-mode.el1. Introduction
Changelog, in doc header.4.10 Documentation Header
Character input mode (Shell)5.2 Using the Shell
Class ambiguity4.4.2 Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
Class name completion4.4 Completion
Class query, forcing4.4.2 Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
Class tags, in online help4.3.2 Help with Source
Closing a block4.9.1 Block Boundary Check
Code formatting4.1 Code Formatting
Code indentation4.1.1 Code Indentation
Code structure, moving through4.11 Motion Commands
Code templates4.7 Code Templates
Coding standards, enforcing4.9 Actions
Comint5.2 Using the Shell
Comint, Emacs package5. The IDLWAVE Shell
Commands in shell, showing5.3 Commands Sent to the Shell
Comment indentation4.1.3 Comment Indentation
Compiling library modules4.6 Resolving Routines
Compiling programs5.4.4 Compiling Programs
Completion4.4 Completion
Completion, ambiguity4.4 Completion
Completion, cancelling4.4 Completion
Completion, forcing function name4.4 Completion
Completion, in the shell5.2 Using the Shell
Completion, Online Help4.4 Completion
Completion, scrolling4.4 Completion
Completion, structure tag4.4.5 Structure Tag Completion
Configuration examplesC. Configuration Examples
Context, for online help4.3 Online Help
Continuation lines4.1.4 Continuation Lines and Filling
Continued statement indentation4.1.2 Continued Statement Indentation
Contributors, to IDLWAVE7. Acknowledgements
Copyright, of IDL manual6.1 Installing IDLWAVE
Copyright, of IDLWAVE
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)1. Introduction
Custom expression examination5.6 Custom Expression Examination

Debugging5.4 Debugging IDL Programs
Debugging Interface5.4.1 A Tale of Two Modes
Dedicated frame, for shell buffer5.1 Starting the Shell
Default command line, executing5.4.4 Compiling Programs
Default routine, for info and help4.2 Routine Info
Default settings, of optionsC. Configuration Examples
DocLib header4.10 Documentation Header
DocLib header, as online help4.3.2 Help with Source
Documentation header4.10 Documentation Header
Downcase, enforcing for reserved words4.9.3 Case Changes
Duplicate routines4.2 Routine Info
Duplicate routinesA.4 Load-Path Shadows

Electric Debug Mode5.4.1 A Tale of Two Modes
Electric Debug Mode5.4.6 Electric Debug Mode
Emacs, distributed with IDLWAVE6.1 Installing IDLWAVE
Email address, of Maintainer7. Acknowledgements
END type checking4.9.1 Block Boundary Check
END, automatic insertion4.9.1 Block Boundary Check
END, expanding4.9.1 Block Boundary Check
ENVI5.1 Starting the Shell
Examining expressions5.5 Examining Variables
Example configurationC. Configuration Examples
Executing a default command line5.4.4 Compiling Programs
Execution, controlled5.4.3 Breakpoints and Stepping
Expressions, custom examination5.6 Custom Expression Examination
Expressions, printing & help5.5 Examining Variables
External routinesA.1 Routine Definitions

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