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D. Suggestion or Bug Reporting

See section 1.2 Mail Lists, for complete details on Hyperbole mailing lists and how to subscribe.

If you find any errors in Hyperbole's operation or documentation, feel free to report them to the Hyperbole bug list: <bug-hyperbole@gnu.org>. You need to be subscribed to the list todo that. See See section 1.2 Mail Lists, for details. Be sure to use the Msg/Compose-Hypb-Mail minibuffer menu item whenever you send a message to the mail list since it will insert important system version information for you.

If you use Hyperbole mail or news support, 3.7.6 Buttons in Mail, a click with your Action Key on the Hyperbole mail list address will insert a description of your Hyperbole configuration information into your outgoing message, so that you do not have to type it. This is useful when composing a reply for the Hyperbole mail list. Otherwise, be sure to include your Emacs, Hyperbole and window system versions in your message. Your Hyperbole version number can be found in the top-level Hyperbole menu.

Please use your subject line to state the position that your message takes on the topic that it addresses, e.g. send "Subject: Basic bug in top-level Hyperbole menu." rather than "Subject: Hyperbole bug". This simple rule makes all e-mail communication much easier.

If you have suggestions on how to improve Hyperbole, send them to the same address. Here are some issues you might address:

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