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2. Overview

This document describes the Elisp package hm--html-menus 5.9.

The version of the document is:
$Id: hm--html-mode.texi,v 6.24 2003/06/27 18:50:36 adrian Exp $

The package provides commands and various popup and pulldown menus for an HTML mode called hm--html-mode, a mode for writing HTML pages for the World Wide Web (WWW). It also provides a minor mode (hm--html-minor-mode), which can be used together with other HTML major modes, like the psgml-html mode in XEmacs 19.14 or other major edit modes, like the perl-mode.

You can easily view the HTML documents by calling the browsers w3 (a nice elisp package from William M. Perry), Netscape, or Mosaic directly from the pulldown menu of the mode.

An integrated (emacs internal) drag and drop interface makes it very easy to insert links or images, by just clicking on them.

When appropriate, identical commands work on selected regions. You'll see the same menu items and can use the same keystrokes, whether a region is active or not, but if it's active, then the commands are operating on the region. Therefore, you don't need to learn different menus or keys for similar functions!

One major design goal of the package was to make it easier to write a HTML page, even if you don't know much about HTML. For that I've tried to put more knowledge about HTML, URL's and so on in it than an SGML based mode could find out from a DTD file. In most cases the user gets help to construct a specific link by examples, or by a completion list with possible input strings. And you can choose between an expert popup menu and an novice popup menu interactively. The novice menu contains only the basic HTML elements, so that you're not bothered by the quantity of different HTML elements. And if you want to use more HTML elements, then you can easily switch to the expert menus.

You can configure the html mode with a special configuration file for your site and with another file specific to a user. Look at the customization chapter for this, See section Customization.

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