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11. Bug Reports

There's no software out there without bugs. This package contains software, therefore it has bugs. I (Heiko Münkel <muenkel@tnt.uni-hannover.de>) have inserted most of the bugs in this package by myself, but I've forgotten where. So please help me out of this disaster and send bug reports, if you've found one of these little animals. I'll try to do my very best to fix them and to insert new ones.

If it's possible, you should use the command

        M-x hm--html-submit-bug-report

There's also an entry in the pulldown menu for this.

In some cases a backtrace would also be appropriate.

If you can't send the report with this function, at least include the package version and your Emacs/XEmacs version.

In the best of all worlds you would also include a patch to fix the bug.

Note: It's not true that I've inserted the bugs as a marketing trick, so that you must buy the next version to get some of them fixed. This is false, because this software is free.

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