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2. Bugs and ideas

If you find a bug or misfeature, don't hesitate to let me know! Send email to `johnw@gnu.org'. Feature requests should also be sent there. I prefer discussing one thing at a time. If you find several unrelated bugs, please report them separately.

If you have ideas for improvements, or if you have written some extensions to this package, I would like to hear from you. I hope you find this package useful!

2.1 Known problems  

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2.1 Known problems

Below is a partial list of currently known problems with Eshell version 2.3.2, which is the version distribution with Emacs 21.1.

`for i in 1 2 3 { grep -q a b && *echo has it } | wc -l' fails

In fact, piping to a process from a looping construct doesn't work in general. If I change the call to eshell-copy-handles in eshell-rewrite-for-command to use eshell-protect, it seems to work, but the output occurs after the prompt is displayed. The whole structured command thing is too complicated at present.

Error with bc in eshell-test

On some XEmacs system, the subprocess interaction test fails inexplicably, since bc works fine at the command prompt.

ls in remote directories sometimes fails

For XEmacs users, using ls in a remote directory sometimes fails. The reason why has not yet been found.

Eshell does not delete `*Help*' buffers in XEmacs 21.1.8+

In XEmacs 21.1.8, the `*Help*' buffer has been renamed such that multiple instances of the `*Help*' buffer can exist.

Pcomplete sometimes gets stuck

When TAB, no completions appear, even though the directory has them. This behavior is rare.

`grep python $<rpm -qa>' doesn't work, but using `*grep' does

This happens because the grep Lisp function returns immediately, and then the asynchronous grep process expects to examine the temporary file, which has since been deleted.

Problem with C-r repeating text

If the text before point reads "./run", and you type C-r r u n, it will repeat the line for every character typed.

Backspace doesn't scroll back after continuing (in smart mode)

Hitting space during a process invocation, such as make, will cause it to track the bottom of the output; but backspace no longer scrolls back.

It's not possible to fully unload-feature Eshell

Menu support was removed, but never put back

Using C-p and C-n with rebind gets into a locked state

This happened a few times in Emacs 21, but has been unreproducable since.

If an interactive process is currently running, M-! doesn't work

Use a timer instead of sleep-for when killing child processes

Piping to a Lisp function is not supported

Make it so that the Lisp command on the right of the pipe is repeatedly called with the input strings as arguments. This will require changing eshell-do-pipeline to handle non-process targets.

Input redirection is not supported

See the entry above.

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