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How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs
1. What is Elib?
1.1 Contributors to Elib
1.2 Where can I get Elib?
2. Container Data Types
2.1 The Stack Data Type
2.2 The Queue Data Type
2.3 The Doubly Linked List Data Type
2.3.1 Creating a Doubly Linked List
2.3.2 Entering elements in a dll
2.3.3 Accessing elements of a dll
2.3.4 Removing nodes from a dll
2.3.5 Predicates on a dll
2.3.6 Maps and Filters on a dll
2.3.7 Miscellaneous dll operations
2.3.8 Debugging dll applications
2.4 The Binary Tree Data Type
2.5 The AVL Tree Data Type
3. The Cookie package--nodal data in a buffer
3.1 Introduction to cookie terminology
3.2 Coding conventions used in the cookie package
3.3 Manipulating the entire collection
3.4 Inserting cookies in the collection
3.5 Tins and cookies
3.6 Deleting cookies
3.7 Collection as a Doubly linked list
3.8 Scanning the list
3.9 Operations that affect the buffer
3.10 Debugging cookie applications
4. String functions
5. Read functions
6. Future enhancements
6.1 Contributions
7. Reporting bugs
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