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13. Browsing class trees

To browse all the currently loaded classes in emacs, simply run the EIEIO browser. M-x eieio-browse. This browses all the way from the default super-duper class eieio-default-superclass, and lists all children in an indented tree structure.

To browse only from a specific class, pass it in as an alternate parameter.

Here is a sample tree from our current example:


Note that we start with eieio-default-superclass. See section 4. Default Superclass.

Note: new classes are consed into the inheritance lists, so the tree comes out upside-down.

It is also possible to use the function eieio-class-tree in the `tree.el' package. This will create an interactive tree. Clicking on nodes will allow expansion/contraction of branches, or editing of a class. See section 14. Class Values.

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