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32. Highlight (Un)matching Parens and Whole Expressions

This package highlights matching parens (or whole sexps) for easier editing of source code, particularly lisp source code.

The paren-highlight hook function runs after each command and checks to see if the cursor is at a parenthesis. If so, then it highlights, in one of several ways, the matching parenthesis.

Priority is given to matching parentheses right before the cursor because that's what makes sense when you're typing a lot of closed parentheses. This is especially intuitive if you frequently use forward-sexp (M-C-f) and backward-sexp (M-C-b) to maneuver around in source code.

Different faces are used for matching and mismatching parens so that it is easier to see mistakes as you type them. Audible feedback is optional.

If a (mis)matching paren is offscreen, then a message is sent to the modeline.

If paren-mode is sexp, entire S-expressions are highlighted instead of just matching parens.

To configure this package, type:

  M-x customize-group RET paren-matching RET

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