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C. Mailing Lists and Submitting Bug Reports

To report bugs, use the C-c C-b (bound to c-submit-bug-report) command. This provides vital information we need to reproduce your problem. Make sure you include a concise, but complete code example. Please try to boil your example down to just the essential code needed to reproduce the problem, and include an exact recipe of steps needed to expose the bug. Be especially sure to include any code that appears before your bug example, if you think it might affect our ability to reproduce it.

Please try to produce the problem in an Emacs instance without any customizations loaded (i.e. start it with the -q -no-site-file arguments). If it works correctly there, the problem might be caused by faulty customizations in either your own or your site configuration. In that case, we'd appreciate if you isolate the Emacs Lisp code that trigs the bug and include it in your report.

Bug reports are sent to bug-cc-mode@gnu.org. You can also send other questions and suggestions (kudos? ;-) to that address. It's a mailing list which you can join or browse an archive of; see the web site at http://cc-mode.sourceforge.net/ for further details.

If you want to get announcements of new CC Mode releases, send the word subscribe in the body of a message to cc-mode-announce-request@lists.sourceforge.net. It's possible to subscribe from the web site too. Announcements will also be posted to the Usenet newsgroups gnu.emacs.sources, comp.emacs and comp.emacs.xemacs.

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