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Index of Lisp Math Functions

The following functions are meant to be used with defmath, not defun definitions. For names that do not start with `calc-', the corresponding full Lisp name is derived by adding a prefix of `math-'.

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Index Entry Section

abs-approx19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
anglep19.5.7.4 Predicates
apply-rewrites19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions

beforep19.5.7.4 Predicates
build-polynomial-expr19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
build-vector19.5.7.6 Vector Functions

calc-binary-op19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-change-current-selection19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
calc-check-defines19.5.1 Defining New Functions
calc-clear-command-flag19.5.7.2 Interactive Functions
calc-cursor-stack-index19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-do-alg-entry19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
calc-encase-atoms19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
calc-enter-result19.5.3 Defining New Stack-Based Commands
calc-enter-result19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-eval19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
calc-find-assoc-parent-formula19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
calc-find-nth-part19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
calc-find-parent-formula19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
calc-find-selected-part19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
calc-find-sub-formula19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
calc-grow-assoc-formula19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
calc-is-hyperbolic19.5.7.2 Interactive Functions
calc-is-inverse19.5.7.2 Interactive Functions
calc-normalize19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-pop-stack19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-prepare-selection19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
calc-push-list19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-record-list19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-record-undo19.5.7.2 Interactive Functions
calc-record-why19.5.7.2 Interactive Functions
calc-refresh19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-replace-sub-formula19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
calc-select-buffer19.5.2 Defining New Simple Commands
calc-set-command-flag19.5.2 Defining New Simple Commands
calc-set-command-flag19.5.7.2 Interactive Functions
calc-slow-wrapper19.5.3 Defining New Stack-Based Commands
calc-stack-size19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-substack-height19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-top-list19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-top-list-n19.5.3 Defining New Stack-Based Commands
calc-top-list-n19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-top-n19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-unary-op19.5.7.3 Stack-Oriented Functions
calc-wrapper19.5.2 Defining New Simple Commands
cancel-common-factor19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
check-unit-name19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
col-matrix19.5.7.6 Vector Functions
common-constant-factor19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
comp-ascent19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
comp-descent19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
comp-first-char19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
comp-height19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
comp-last-char19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
comp-width19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
compare19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
compile-rewrites19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
complete19.5.4 Argument Qualifiers
complexp19.5.7.4 Predicates
compose-expr19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
composition-to-string19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
constp19.5.7.4 Predicates
convert-temp19.5.6.11 Example
copy-matrix19.5.7.6 Vector Functions

defmath19.5.1 Defining New Functions
deriv19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
dimension-error19.5.7.6 Vector Functions
div-mod19.5.7.5 Computational Functions

e19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
equal19.5.7.4 Predicates
equal-int19.5.7.4 Predicates
evaluate-expr19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
evenp19.5.7.4 Predicates
expr-contains19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
expr-contains-count19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
expr-contains-vars19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
expr-depends19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
expr-height19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
expr-subst19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
expr-weight19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
extract-units19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions

fixnatnump19.5.7.4 Predicates
fixnum19.5.4 Argument Qualifiers
fixnum19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
fixnump19.5.7.4 Predicates
flatten-vector19.5.7.6 Vector Functions
float19.5.4 Argument Qualifiers
float19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
floatp19.5.7.4 Predicates
format-flat-expr19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
format-nice-expr19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
format-number19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
format-value19.5.7.8 I/O and Formatting Functions
frac-gcd19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
from-hms19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
from-radians19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
from-radians- Computational Functions
full-circle19.5.7.5 Computational Functions

half-circle19.5.7.5 Computational Functions

idiv19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
idivmod19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
imod19.5.7.5 Computational Functions
inexact-value19.5.7.4 Predicates
integ19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
integer19.5.4 Argument Qualifiers
integer-log219.5.7.5 Computational Functions
integerp19.5.7.4 Predicates
interactive19.5.2 Defining New Simple Commands
is-polynomial19.5.7.7 Symbolic Functions
is-true19.5.7.4 Predicates
isqrt19.5.7.5 Computational Functions

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