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Index of Variables

The variables in this list that do not contain dashes are accessible as Calc variables. Add a `var-' prefix to get the name of the corresponding Lisp variable.

The remaining variables are Lisp variables suitable for setqing in your `.emacs' file.

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Index Entry Section

AlgSimpRules12.11.11 Automatic Rewrites
all12.11.8 Multi-Phase Rewrite Rules
All8.6.1 Declaration Basics

calc-alg-ent-map19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-autoload-directoryA.5 Finding Component Files
calc-define19.5.1 Defining New Functions
calc-digit-map19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-edit-mode-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-edit-mode-map19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-embedded-announce-formula18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-close-formula18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-close-mode18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-close-new-formula18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-close-plain18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-close-word18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-open-formula18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-open-mode18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-open-new-formula18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-open-plain18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-open-word18.5 Customizing Embedded Mode
calc-end-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-ext-load-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-gnuplot-default-device15.5 Graphical Devices
calc-gnuplot-default-output15.5 Graphical Devices
calc-gnuplot-name15. Graphics
calc-gnuplot-plot-command15.5 Graphical Devices
calc-gnuplot-print-command15.5 Graphical Devices
calc-gnuplot-print-device15.5 Graphical Devices
calc-gnuplot-print-output15.5 Graphical Devices
calc-info-filenameA.10 On-Line Documentation
calc-load-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-local-var-list19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-mode-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-mode-map19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-mode-save-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-mode-var-list19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-other-modes19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-reset-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-scan-for-delsA.7 Key Bindings
calc-settings-fileA.12 Settings File
calc-start-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-store-var-map19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-trail-mode-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-trail-window-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-window-hook19.5.7.9 Hooks
calc-Y-help-msgs19.5.2 Defining New Simple Commands
CommuteRules12.1.5 Rearranging Formulas using Selections

Decls8.6.1 Declaration Basics
DistribRules12.1.5 Rearranging Formulas using Selections

e6.14 Variables
e10. Scientific Functions
EvalRules12.11.11 Automatic Rewrites
ExtSimpRules12.11.11 Automatic Rewrites

FactorRules12.4 Polynomials
FitRules12.8.5 Curve Fitting Details

gamma6.14 Variables
gamma10. Scientific Functions
GenCount12.6.1 Multiple Solutions

Holidays9.5.3 Business Days

i6.14 Variables
i8.7.4 Complex Formats
inf6.5 Infinities
IntegAfterRules12.5.3 Customizing the Integrator
IntegLimit12.5.2 Integration
IntegRules12.5.3 Customizing the Integrator
IntegSimpRules12.5.3 Customizing the Integrator
InvertRules12.1.5 Rearranging Formulas using Selections

JumpRules12.1.5 Rearranging Formulas using Selections

LineStyles15.4 Graphics Options
load-pathA.4 Auto-loading

math-daylight-savings-hook9.5.4 Time Zones
math-tzone-names9.5.4 Time Zones
MergeRules12.1.5 Rearranging Formulas using Selections
Model112.8.4 Standard Nonlinear Models
Model212.8.4 Standard Nonlinear Models
Modes8.9 The Modes Variable

nan6.5 Infinities
NegateRules12.1.5 Rearranging Formulas using Selections

phi6.14 Variables
pi6.14 Variables
pi10. Scientific Functions
PlotData115.3 Managing Curves
PlotData215.3 Managing Curves
PlotRejects15.1 Basic Graphics
PointStyles15.4 Graphics Options

q014.1 Storing Variables
q914.1 Storing Variables

RandSeed10.5 Random Numbers
remember12.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules

TimeZone9.5.4 Time Zones

uinf6.5 Infinities
Units13.4 User-Defined Units
UnitSimpRules12.11.11 Automatic Rewrites

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