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Index of Algebraic Functions

This is a list of built-in functions and operators usable in algebraic expressions. Their full Lisp names are derived by adding the prefix `calcFunc-', as in calcFunc-sqrt.

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Index Entry Section

!10.6 Combinatorial Functions
!12.10 Logical Operations
!!10.6 Combinatorial Functions
!!!12.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
!=12.10 Logical Operations

%9.1 Basic Arithmetic
%9.6.1 Percentages

&&12.10 Logical Operations
&&&12.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules

*9.1 Basic Arithmetic

+9.1 Basic Arithmetic
+/-6.11 Error Forms

-9.1 Basic Arithmetic

/9.1 Basic Arithmetic

:12.10 Logical Operations
::12.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
:=14.5 The Evaluates-To Operator

<12.10 Logical Operations
<=12.10 Logical Operations

=12.10 Logical Operations
==12.10 Logical Operations
=>14.5 The Evaluates-To Operator

>12.10 Logical Operations
>=12.10 Logical Operations

?12.10 Logical Operations

\9.1 Basic Arithmetic

^9.1 Basic Arithmetic

_11.3 Extracting Vector Elements

|11.2 Building Vectors
||12.10 Logical Operations
|||12.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules

abs9.1 Basic Arithmetic
abs (vectors)11.5 Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
abssqr9.1 Basic Arithmetic
accum11.8.3 Reducing
acute8.8.3 TeX Language Mode
add11.8.1 Specifying Operators
afixp11.8.4 Nesting and Fixed Points
agmean11.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
alog10.1 Logarithmic Functions
an12.6.1 Multiple Solutions
and9.7 Binary Number Functions
anest11.8.4 Nesting and Fixed Points
apart12.4 Polynomials
append11.2 Building Vectors
apply11.8 Reducing and Mapping Vectors
apply (rewrites)12.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
arccos10.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
arccosh10.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
arcsin10.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
arcsincos10.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
arcsinh10.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
arctan10.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
arctan210.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
arctanh10.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
arg9.3 Complex Number Functions
arrange11.4 Manipulating Vectors
as12.6.1 Multiple Solutions
ash9.7 Binary Number Functions
assign14.5 The Evaluates-To Operator
asum12.9 Summations

badd9.5.3 Business Days
bar8.8.3 TeX Language Mode
bcount19.5.5.1 Bit-Counting
bern10.6 Combinatorial Functions
besJ10.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
besY10.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
beta10.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
betaB10.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
betaI10.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
breve8.8.3 TeX Language Mode
bstring6.7 Strings
bsub9.5.3 Business Days

call11.8.1 Specifying Operators
cascent8.8.7.5 Information about Compositions
cbase8.8.7.3 Vertical Compositions
cbbase8.8.7.3 Vertical Compositions
cbspace8.8.7.4 Other Compositions
cdescent8.8.7.5 Information about Compositions
ceil9.2 Integer Truncation
cflat8.8.7.4 Other Compositions
check8.8.3 TeX Language Mode
cheight8.8.7.5 Information about Compositions
choose10.6 Combinatorial Functions
choriz8.8.7.2 Horizontal Compositions
clean9.4 Conversions
clip9.7 Binary Number Functions
clvert8.8.7.3 Vertical Compositions
cnorm11.5 Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
collect12.4 Polynomials
condition12.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
conj9.3 Complex Number Functions
cons11.2 Building Vectors
cons (rewrites)12.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
constant12.10 Logical Operations
cos10.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
cosh10.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
cprec8.8.7.1 Composition Basics
cross11.5 Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
crule8.8.7.3 Vertical Compositions
crvert8.8.7.3 Vertical Compositions
cspace8.8.7.4 Other Compositions
csub8.8.7.4 Other Compositions
csup8.8.7.4 Other Compositions
ctbase8.8.7.3 Vertical Compositions
ctrn11.5 Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
ctspace8.8.7.4 Other Compositions
curve12.11.6 Composing Patterns in Rewrite Rules
cvec11.2 Building Vectors
cvert8.8.7.3 Vertical Compositions
cvspace8.8.7.4 Other Compositions
cwidth8.8.7.5 Information about Compositions

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