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Table of Contents

1.1 Installation
1.1.1 General Prerequisites
1.1.2 Normal User Installation
1.1.3 XEmacs Package Installation
1.1.4 Initial Configuration Initializing BBDB support for Gnus Initializing BBDB support for MH-E Initializing BBDB support for RMAIL Initializing BBDB support for Sendmail Initializing BBDB support for VM Initializing BBDB support for Message mode Initializing BBDB support for Reportmail Initializing BBDB support for Supercite Initializing BBDB support for Web Browsers
1.2 The BBDB
1.2.1 Database Fields
1.2.2 Basic searching commands
1.2.3 Advanced searching commands
1.2.4 Manual record addition
1.3 BBDB Mode
1.3.1 Functions bound to keys in BBDB Mode
1.3.2 Other database manipulation functions
1.4 Interfaces
1.4.1 Mail Reading Interfaces
1.4.2 News Reading Interfaces
1.4.3 Mail Sending Interfaces
Mailing Lists and Mail Aliases
1.5 Reader-specific Features
1.5.1 Gnus-specific Features Scoring Gnus Summary Buffer Enhancements GNUS Summary Buffer Enhancements
1.5.2 VM-specific features VM Message Summary Enhancements VM configuration of what records the BBDB buffer shows VM automatic setup of vm-set-auto-folder-alist VM automatic adding of labels
1.6 Using the BBDB with other packages
1.6.1 Using the BBDB with Message Mode
1.6.2 Using the BBDB with Reportmail
1.6.3 Using the BBDB with Supercite
1.6.4 Using the BBDB with Web Browsers
1.7 Options
1.7.1 Customization Parameters
1.7.2 Customization Hooks
1.7.3 Predefined Hooks
1.8 Utilities
1.8.1 bbdb-ftp
1.8.2 bbdb-print
1.8.3 bbdb-snarf
1.8.4 bbdb-srv
1.9 Internals
1.9.1 BBDB data file format Record Vectors Phone Vectors Address Vectors Cache Vector Notes String or Alist Example BBDB record
1.10 Mailing Lists
1.11 Changes in this Version
1.11.1 Major Changes
1.11.2 Other Changes
1.12 The Latest Version
1.13 The Future
1.13.1 Known Bugs
1.13.2 TODO List
1.13.3 End of Life (EOL) Statements
1.14 Thanks
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