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Editing Utilities for XEmacs


1. The Editing Utilities Package
2. Copying
3. Comparing Windows
4. Detached Minibuffers
5. Convenient Buffer Switching
6. Permanent Buffers
7. Self-Resizing Minibuffer
8. Searching Many Buffers
9. Meaningful Unique Names
10. Window Configuration Rings
11. Reverting Buffers
12. Specify Directories to be Used for Backup Files
13. Create annotated bookmarks
14. Save Partial Status of Emacs When Killed
15. Recent File Navigation
16. Resuming a Suspended Emacs Job
17. Save Buffer/Window Configuration Between Sessions
18. Save Minibuffer History
19. Automatically Save Place in Files
20. Keep Persistent State in Visited Files
21. Completion
22. Dynamic Abbreviations
23. Hippie Expand
24. Interactive Minibuffer Completion
25. Flexible Template Insertion
26. Move Mouse Pointer Out of the Way of Editing
27. Blinking Cursor
28. Speeding Up Font Lock Mode
29. Lazy Demand-Driven Fontification
30. Another Lazy Demand-Driven Fontification
31. Advanced Highlighting of Matching Parentheses
32. Highlight (Un)matching Parens and Whole Expressions
33. Decorate a Shell Buffer With Fonts
34. Highlight the Current Line in the Buffer
35. Hooks Invoked After Saving a File
36. Indivisible Blocks of Text
37. Table and Array Editor
38. Floating Toolbar
39. The Toolbar Utilities
40. Folding Extensions for Outline-Mode
41. Jump to a Function Within a Buffer.
42. Select Syntax-Driven Regions in a Buffer
43. Outline-Mode Mouse Commands
44. Extended Page Handling Commands
45. Power Macros - Keyboard Macros Made Easy
46. Redo/Undo System
47. Scrolling In Place
48. VI-style Line Number Mode
49. Vertical Mode - Editing of Vertical Text
50. Align Text to a Specific Column, By Regexp
51. Extensive Outline Mode
52. Extending the built-in narrowing functions
53. Flow Control
54. Generate Summary of All Key Binding
55. Browse UNIX manual pages
56. Abbreviation List
57. Treat a Section of a Buffer as a Separate File
58. Major-Mode-Sensitive Info Index Lookup Facility
59. Make Frame Icons Represent Current Frame Contents
60. Per Mode/Buffer Mouse Tracking With Highlighting
61. Shrink-Wrapped Temporary Windows
62. Display Time and Load in Mode Line
63. Balloon Help and Tooltips
64. Blinking Parentheses
65. Face Editor
66. lispm-fonts
67. Big Menubar
68. tree-menu
69. XEmacs License

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