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1.4 Utilities

These utilities can come in handy when adding customization support.

Widget: custom-manual
Widget type for specifying the info manual entry for a customization option. It takes one argument, an info address.

Function: custom-add-to-group group member widget
To existing group add a new member of type widget, If there already is an entry for that member, overwrite it.

Function: custom-add-link symbol widget
To the custom option symbol add the link widget.

Function: custom-add-load symbol load
To the custom option symbol add the dependency load. load should be either a library file name, or a feature name.

Function: customize-menu-create symbol &optional name
Create menu for customization group symbol. If optional name is given, use that as the name of the menu. Otherwise the menu will be named `Customize'. The menu is in a format applicable to easy-menu-define.

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