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The Customization Library

This manual describes how to declare customization groups, variables, and faces. It doesn't contain any examples, but please look at the file `cus-edit.el' which contains many declarations you can learn from.

1.0 Declaring Groups  
1.1 Declaring Variables  
1.2 Declaring Faces  
1.3 Usage for Package Authors  
1.4 Utilities  
1.5 The Init File  
1.6 Wishlist  

All the customization declarations can be changes by keyword arguments. Groups, variables, and faces all share these common keywords:

value should be a customization group. Add symbol to that group.
value should be a widget type. Add value to the external links for this customization option. Useful widget types include custom-manual, info-link, and url-link.
Add value to the files that should be loaded before displaying this customization option. The value should be either a string, which should be a string which will be loaded with load-library unless present in load-history, or a symbol which will be loaded with require.
Value should be a short string used for identifying the option in customization menus and buffers. By default the tag will be automatically created from the options name.

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